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Loki’s time has come. Watch the brand-new trailer for "Loki," and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.

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Sun Dew Hup Loy
Sun Dew Hup Loy 14 timmar sedan
Who or what is Lucki??
Lucie DAVIGNON 14 timmar sedan
What the song please ? I don't find with Shazam :/
FB: Leejandro Alphonse
FB: Leejandro Alphonse 23 timmar sedan
Through this series and antman quantumania Kang the conqueror is the loki variant! See wikipedia!
ProGyan gogoi
ProGyan gogoi 23 timmar sedan
Can bollywood make this type of film within 2050? ANSWER-In DREAM💯
Thanos ツ
Thanos ツ Dag sedan
Le Potato
Le Potato Dag sedan
I just realized that Mobius's actor isn't Woody Harrelson. My God, this whole time.
bikramjit singh
bikramjit singh 2 dagar sedan
Total waste of time after except the first episode !!
Ariel Rodrigez
Ariel Rodrigez 2 dagar sedan
More like the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse am i right?
Michaelthefanboy 2 dagar sedan
Luca The Falcon and the Winter Soldier WandaVision The Mandalorian Star Wars: The Bad Batch Loki Black Widow Hawkeye Encanto What If...? Star Wars: Visions Jungle Cruise Raya and the Last Dragon Spider-Man: No Way Home Ron's Gone Wrong Shang-Chi and the Legend of 10 Rings Free Guy Eternals Doctor Stange: Multiverse of Madness Pixar Popcorn Nahuel and the Magic Book/Nahuel y el Libro Mágico Godzilla vs Kong Mortal Kombat The Suicide Squad In the Heights Close Enough Dear Evan Hansen The Mitchells vs the Machines Wish Dragon Vivo DOTA: Dragon's Blood Arlo the Alligator (film) I Heart Arlo We the People America: The Motion Picture The Witcher 2021 is gonna be the best year ever! Edit: Fixing my spelling
⚡#Leͤgeͤndͩs͛NeͤvͮeͤrͬDͩiͥeͤ⚡ 2 dagar sedan
Is this show good??
Vignesh 10 timmar sedan
It is the best show from marvel
Alencia 2 dagar sedan
It iss, its highest rated marvel show and lot of people love it But thats is for you to decide once you watch the show, so i will recommend it
First Last
First Last 2 dagar sedan
First Last
First Last 2 dagar sedan
Alex I.
Alex I. 3 dagar sedan
If only we’d have known what ride we’re going to be on. This trailer captured the mystical, weird and slightly eerie feeling lf the series so well. Favourite Marvel TV show by far and it’s gonna take something special to beat it.
EEE 3 dagar sedan
Spoiler: Batman dies at the end
Przemek 3 dagar sedan
Y’all he dies anyway, so
Sad Pony
Sad Pony Dag sedan
Nope 🙄
Timurs Sņetkovs
Timurs Sņetkovs 2 dagar sedan
Technically not he, did you watch the series?
PANKAJ KUMAR 3 dagar sedan
Osm😘😘 👌👌
Designs Forge
Designs Forge 3 dagar sedan
What if I tell you that this whole series is trying to put out a subliminal message. All the guards in TVA are people who are blinded by Time Keepers. Even though they are variants, they dont realize it. They keep fighting for this artificial cause. Sylvie already woke up and she knows what is going on. Striking resemblence to whatever is going on in the real world.
Anjan Swargiary
Anjan Swargiary 3 dagar sedan
Ur the police of time line whole story why am I alive....Thor
Anjan Swargiary
Anjan Swargiary 3 dagar sedan
I don't want my fellow planet to get destroyed
FireCookie15 3 dagar sedan
Who's still watching this even after the show ended..
APARNA P E 4 dagar sedan
loki is dead in avengers 3. Then how could this movie realise?
Rajeshwari Umashankar
Rajeshwari Umashankar 2 dagar sedan
He died in infinity war and you would know how this "series" would release if you watched it
Azsolus 4 dagar sedan
Out of the 3 mcu series this has to be the best
Priyank  Yt.
Priyank Yt. 4 dagar sedan
the sun shines again!!
PopingRow 4 dagar sedan
When DC's JOKER isn't enough
cLeRen M
cLeRen M 4 dagar sedan
What we expect: it was black widow beside loki
Gotha 4 dagar sedan
Tom Hiddleston should be the next 007.
Devon K
Devon K 4 dagar sedan
Wish I was 10 again
frozenchicken 4 dagar sedan
Loki's Story: The love of your life is always right but the one time you were right.....
Chris Rae
Chris Rae 5 dagar sedan
My only complaint is the lack of female representation in the Loki variants
Alencia 4 dagar sedan
They did have female varient in group of president loki
Zozzy_arcV 4 dagar sedan
@Chris Rae well sylvie has existed in the comics for a long time and is the only female loki variant that comes to mind. Also the most popular
Chris Rae
Chris Rae 4 dagar sedan
@Vishal Pathak dont be racist
Vishal Pathak
Vishal Pathak 4 dagar sedan
Comic Book fan
Comic Book fan 4 dagar sedan
Well Sylvie was a female and she was a female version of loki
Pierrot Pierrot
Pierrot Pierrot 5 dagar sedan
okay that cat is the cutessssstttttttt
R VG 5 dagar sedan
Really disappointing ending and Jonathan Majors was an awful casting choice. The guy looks like a thug who just came out of a cardboard box from Venice Beach. He's no Morgan Freeman. No redeeming quality: Jonathan Majors has zero charisma, vocal authority, not to mention that he's not exactly easy on the eye. This is what happens when woke casting takes over. It's not the best who are chosen, just those who tick boxes.
Muhammad Shah Meer Tariq
Muhammad Shah Meer Tariq 5 dagar sedan
Never thought I’d hear Lightning McQueen and Loki talk…
何浩森 5 dagar sedan
loki loki loki♥
LamiNalchor 5 dagar sedan
Why is the police lady so fat?
Matt 3 dagar sedan
@LamiNalchor so keep commenting. Whenever you do, I laugh.
LamiNalchor 3 dagar sedan
@Matt I don't want you to be so unhappy.
Matt 3 dagar sedan
@LamiNalchor Just taking your bizarre reaction on its own merits.
LamiNalchor 4 dagar sedan
@Matt My focus and triggered. You have got quite a fantasy world going on there.
Matt 4 dagar sedan
@LamiNalchor What a load of bs. She’s not prohibitively overweight. Very odd you’re so triggered. It’s not something any well adjusted person would notice.
Vince Wayne
Vince Wayne 5 dagar sedan
This was emotional, i love how now i have a different perspective on Loki now
Vince Wayne
Vince Wayne 5 dagar sedan
Good luck Loki * sighs *
Jadeer Jawad
Jadeer Jawad 5 dagar sedan
1:42 this hasn't been showed yet. WTH!?
Vishal Pathak
Vishal Pathak 4 dagar sedan
@s l e e p y z e p h y r u s It was shoot but due to covid crisis they never made it cgi look like so they had to re shoot the whole scene with kang
Comic Book fan
Comic Book fan 5 dagar sedan
This is a vision which was shown to Loki by Miss Minutes in Loki episode 6 where his wish would be fulfilled.
s l e e p y z e p h y r u s
s l e e p y z e p h y r u s 5 dagar sedan
deleted scene i suppose
Alencia 6 dagar sedan
It was sooo goood
Afrin Shakil
Afrin Shakil 6 dagar sedan
"I'll never do it again" awww ❤️❤️❤️
PRO-GAMERS 002 6 dagar sedan
Is this his real hair?🤔
Alencia 5 dagar sedan
@Mohd Sohail that must have been a old one
Mohd Sohail
Mohd Sohail 5 dagar sedan
@Alencia I don't know 😅 I saw a clip in which he gets wig for this role
PRO-GAMERS 002 6 dagar sedan
@Alencia 👍
Alencia 6 dagar sedan
Yes it is, he didnt use wig this time
Mohd Sohail
Mohd Sohail 6 dagar sedan
Tom Hiddleston used wig
JJREDS 1 6 dagar sedan
This is worst show I've ever seen in 2021
Matt 9 timmar sedan
@Vignesh Some people disagree, mate. That's all it is. Don't sweat it.
rooms 4 dagar sedan
i really dont see how but ok
Comic Book fan
Comic Book fan 4 dagar sedan
@Matt i disagree, but i respect your opinion
Matt 4 dagar sedan
@Comic Book fan WandaVision was better.
Comic Book fan
Comic Book fan 5 dagar sedan
Well, this show has the best story telling in any superhero show so far, the performances, the twists, the soundtrack, the ending, visuals were perfect. This series was Critically Acclaimed and loved by audience. Can you describe why you hated it?
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 6 dagar sedan
Big fan of Loki from india
There my crocks
There my crocks 6 dagar sedan
1:25 they erased all the other Loki’s 🤣🤣
Partha P Bora
Partha P Bora 7 dagar sedan
That cat is from Captain Marvel
Huzefa Sayyed
Huzefa Sayyed 7 dagar sedan
Is MOBIUS is behind enemy line character
Huzefa Sayyed
Huzefa Sayyed 7 dagar sedan
kendaii 7 dagar sedan
Where can i watch it?
Drew 7 dagar sedan
Md. Yasin Kabir
Md. Yasin Kabir 7 dagar sedan
Marvel Fans: Poor doctor Strange wanted fix his fingers, now he will have to fix multiverse. DMV: That's why you shouldn't text and drive.
kale213 7 dagar sedan
This was a snoozefest to me. Out of all the marvel shows this is one that put me to sleep.
Abrar 7 dagar sedan
Well with this series we can officially confirm that every marvel movie including venom, spiderman, the amazing spider man are now all part of Marvel Multiverse
Nero Mystyra
Nero Mystyra 8 dagar sedan
Guys, as someone who is not interested at all in the Marvel movies and hasn't watched them, is this Loki show something i can enjoy without context? Or is this just not for me?
Comic Book fan
Comic Book fan 5 dagar sedan
You can watch the whole show without watching any previous Marvel movie, but if you want to explore Loki then watched every Thor movie and Avengers 1. But if you want to explore the beauty of this series and find why is too good then watch all Marvel Movies because then you will realize how Marvel has changed.
DC / MARVEL FANDOM 5 dagar sedan
The whole point of Loki is to set up the future of the MCU and you need a lot of context
MermaidBoyz 8 dagar sedan
Hmmm it kinda depends. you have to understand *some* stuff or else you can be clueless at certain parts, but hey I still feel “It’s a great show. So I guess it’s uty
hz_motion 8 dagar sedan
1:42 So this how Marvel Trailer work... hide new character (in this case, Sylvie) from the show....
Matt 4 dagar sedan
Do you want the trailers to literally reveal all the secrets?!
Furious OP
Furious OP 8 dagar sedan
We needed mobius With Jetski 😭
Александр Волков
Александр Волков 8 dagar sedan
Only 6 episodes.. they don't even know who will be the cast in the second season or when it will even be out.. and seeing that it's Disney+ they're trying to make Loki a bi sexual girl who doesn't know his gender
Comic Book fan
Comic Book fan 5 dagar sedan
Definitely, it would connect with other Marvel Movies and which could probably explore Kang- The Conqueror, it would be out in 1 year possibly. As far sexuality is concerned, Loki gender is fluid so it is important to show as it is one of Loki's characteristics which is nothing wrong.
DC / MARVEL FANDOM 5 dagar sedan
Really because all I saw was them making Loki accurate to the comics and Norse mythology
Rashmi Nimna
Rashmi Nimna 9 dagar sedan
No one bad is ever truly bad, And no one good is ever truly good 💪 Ahh.. those words from LOKI ✌️❤️
Alex WILSON 9 dagar sedan
Ever since the show, we are now in the multiverse now
victoria boom
victoria boom 9 dagar sedan
I like this actor
Alencia 9 dagar sedan
Release the trailer music
Grace Teo
Grace Teo 9 dagar sedan
Nice show
C K 9 dagar sedan
Watched Loki nothing surprised me.. it was kinda umbrella academy.. and every thing the Avengers did was just for nothing.. it's all written buy a guy.. infinity stones for paper works.. 😂😂 what the hell is going on here.. I totally lost interest..😭
Vignesh 9 timmar sedan
U r not able to get out from Endgame it seems, the is THE BEST show
C K 4 dagar sedan
@Comic Book fan have you watched agent's of shield??
Matt 4 dagar sedan
@C K Triggered by alternative opinions
Comic Book fan
Comic Book fan 5 dagar sedan
The series is about unleashing Multiverse, the concept where multiple versions of one object is available, unlimited Worlds, characters, stories and that's what Loki introduced, It showed the myths of Marvel Universe and how strong beings are available, Infinity Stones as paper weights were a clear example of how powerful things are coming, It is made for Comic Book Fans cause it has so many references to Comics and other movies, The story is good not unique but with the concept of Multiverse, it is good.
Hela 7 dagar sedan
@C K 🔄
SHUBHAM PRASAD 9 dagar sedan
Pls Natalie Holt upload the music of this trailer
TargLife 9 dagar sedan
They really went out of their way to hide my girl Sylvie 😂
Ubiquitous Reverser
Ubiquitous Reverser 9 dagar sedan
The way they advertised this at first I thought it was a movie. But a series? Not interested in going to Disney+. They're just making a series out of everything now. Definitely like Loki so it's cool, but I guess I'll wait till it's finished and just binge it.
Anjali B
Anjali B 4 dagar sedan
@Ubiquitous Reverser okay then 🤷‍♀️
Ubiquitous Reverser
Ubiquitous Reverser 4 dagar sedan
@Anjali B I'll just wait till it's completed, I don't want to bother wasting money on it, it's not that special, Loki is just a fun character, but all this massive episodic stuff is just meh.
Anjali B
Anjali B 6 dagar sedan
@Rodomg ASMR Yeah but there are other movies about the multiverse and stuff before season 2. He/she needs to watch season 1 before the movies
Rodomg ASMR
Rodomg ASMR 6 dagar sedan
@Anjali B they are making a season 2
Anjali B
Anjali B 6 dagar sedan
@Ubiquitous Reverser Season 1 is finished. 6 episodes.
maria cervania
maria cervania 9 dagar sedan
the story of the time keeper- is what really is sad.
Estevan May Carlson
Estevan May Carlson 9 dagar sedan
Infinity war avengers loki is death 💀
Jack And
Jack And 10 dagar sedan
This has to be the marvel trailer of all time.
Yasin Fazley
Yasin Fazley 10 dagar sedan
This was terrible, the acting was good, but goddamn the story is so bad, especially for the quality of the production, the story ruined this badddd ffs 😭😭
Alencia 9 dagar sedan
It was good imo
Anjali B
Anjali B 9 dagar sedan
Your opinion.. kay?
i 9 dagar sedan
Well everyone has opinion
brawl master
brawl master 10 dagar sedan
Travis True
Travis True 10 dagar sedan
Why is this called Loki...he’s not even in it
Vignesh 9 timmar sedan
U got eyes and brain?
Zozzy_arcV 4 dagar sedan
Bruh hes the main character... hes in every episode... he has the most screentime. He is literally the only character we focus on 3/4ths of the time
Hela 8 dagar sedan
Bruh 😑
Alencia 9 dagar sedan
Papa Cole
Papa Cole 9 dagar sedan
What are you talking about?
R P 10 dagar sedan
This turned out to be *The Snowpiercer*
Tizy Man
Tizy Man 10 dagar sedan
I like how Endgame was originally supposed to be the end for the most beloved characters but the fans were pissed about how they simply killed off some characters and they brought them back realizing that the MCU is nothing without them (Iron Man, Loki and Black Widow)
Comic Book fan
Comic Book fan 5 dagar sedan
Well, Marvel has many iconic characters which would replace them and it would be cool to see.
Hela 8 dagar sedan
Mcu is doing pretty well without black widow everyone knows she’s dead her movie was a prequel and without iron man because of spider man but Loki is still here
Adam's TruthTrek
Adam's TruthTrek 10 dagar sedan
jerry 11 dagar sedan
Alien cat
adi🖤 11 dagar sedan
Me after completing the whole season in 1 day.. Lets watch the trailer too 😌😌
Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar 11 dagar sedan
Entire multiverse is in danger because hulk didn't like stairs
peyman rostami
peyman rostami 11 dagar sedan
Loki ❤❤❤❤
Josef Jensen
Josef Jensen 11 dagar sedan
Sorry guys your childhood was deconstructed and reconstructed to the mind of a 14-year-old teenage girl.
rooms 4 dagar sedan
Matt 4 dagar sedan
Wtf are you talking about?
Lil_KenmaKozume 11 dagar sedan
who else just got a loki trailer add?👏👏👏
Kris Nestor
Kris Nestor 11 dagar sedan
I don't understand how this bullshit has 8.9 score on IMDB.
Comic Book fan
Comic Book fan 4 dagar sedan
@Matt Well the story telling was good, unpredictable
Matt 4 dagar sedan
@Comic Book fan nah, it was pretty dull for a while there. Came good in the end but not as creative or innovative as WandaVision.
Comic Book fan
Comic Book fan 5 dagar sedan
The show was perhaps the best superhero show ever made or one of the best, The story was good, the ending, CGI, visuals, acting, ending, twists were good, It does deserves a rating of 8.9, while it actually has a score of 8.5.
Hela 8 dagar sedan
The show was good stay mad 😅
Anjali B
Anjali B 9 dagar sedan
That's not our problem you can't understand it😂😂 The show was great imo. But hey, every opinion matters. You don't have to call the show a bullshit.
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας 11 dagar sedan
I wish they made the series a lot more emotional-which sadly, they did not. The scene when Loki finds out about her mother's death, and that he is solely responsible for her demise, was rushed. And one of the common elements between all Lokis, that they missed their home.. Their loneliness, that too could be emphasized.. And that trio, the young Loki, the current one, and the old one.. all mesmerizing but imagine if they concentrated on how Loki felt at that time. The child that was saddened that the father preferred the other son, the older, reminiscing a life gone, and all those opportunities lost.. and the present one, more lost than ever.
Rave4ever 11 dagar sedan
Bait and switch garbge ... BOOO
Comic Book fan
Comic Book fan 5 dagar sedan
It was good
DC / MARVEL FANDOM 5 dagar sedan
There wasn’t any switches lmao
Karan Thukral
Karan Thukral 11 dagar sedan
Is it a movie or a series
Alencia 10 dagar sedan
Series hai, dekh le acchi hai
Yashvs 11 dagar sedan
It's a series and it's season 1 has already ended. You can watch it on Disney+
Alencia 11 dagar sedan
Cant wait😭
5ive 12 dagar sedan
Is this worth watching?
Hela 8 dagar sedan
i 9 dagar sedan
The storyline is slow but good...the thing I dont like is they make Loki look weak when he has superhuman strength
brawl master
brawl master 10 dagar sedan
@Yasin Fazley stfu dc fan boi
brawl master
brawl master 10 dagar sedan
Hell yeah man. Ofc worth it
Yasin Fazley
Yasin Fazley 10 dagar sedan
Segalanya HM Channel
Segalanya HM Channel 12 dagar sedan
Loki: I am the cause of everything! Hulk: No, it's me down the stairs! 😜
Athithi M
Athithi M 12 dagar sedan
Trust me when I say this....this is too good...obviously like every other marvel film
Arcade Legend
Arcade Legend 12 dagar sedan
Imagine If season 2 comes and in the pre intro scene they show how loki faked his death in infinity war. Loki laughs after that, I love his laughter
Arcade Booster
Arcade Booster 12 dagar sedan
After Loki and WandaVision, Thanos will be a piece of cake for the avengers.
 Adi Nayyar
Adi Nayyar 12 dagar sedan
we need a season 2 trailer now
Hami Ahsaniyan
Hami Ahsaniyan 12 dagar sedan
Holy mother of GOD OF MISCHIEF😂😲
Xay A7S
Xay A7S 12 dagar sedan
Can't wait for loki 2 😕
Rc8 Rone
Rc8 Rone 12 dagar sedan
It is extremely annoying and irritating piece of S*it and a waste of time! I actually looked forward for it, Loki The Nordic God of Mischief from 13th century in Asgård! but instead we got a guy called Loki in suit deeply engaged in time travel and all the Sci-Fi BS about time lines, paradoxes and time traveling related issues! WHY!?!?! WHYYYY!? why did you even bring Loki the Nordic God into this piece of S*it!?!?!
Zozzy_arcV 4 dagar sedan
Why are you wat hing a marvel loki show then... hes been like this in comics before you were born
Anjali B
Anjali B 7 dagar sedan
@Rc8 Rone Season 1 was to set up the Multiverse. What was the better way to start the multiverse than this? And it's not like this is it there is a season 2. And don't expect any Norse stories coz this Loki is in the MCU.
Rc8 Rone
Rc8 Rone 7 dagar sedan
​@Anjali B wtf, i rage because I looked so badly forward to this series, and i have watched every episode several times and I loved all episodes and everything about it and just couldn't accept that this was it and the season one was now finished and looking back was hard to accept that my beloved character and my beloved series was done for its first season and it was hard to accept how awful and stupid the whole thing was, I still cant accept season one of Loki God of Mischief was all worthless sci-fi BS about time travels , not even nice time traveling story, it was awful and i get mad when i realize how they f:ed it up so badly, why not just stick to what Loki was and why this much nonsens bs , I loved the whole thing but it was a stab in the back hehe
Anjali B
Anjali B 8 dagar sedan
@Rc8 Rone Your rage is just making me laugh man. If you hate it so much just don't watch the show. There are people who love Loki in the MCU. We'll watch it.
Rc8 Rone
Rc8 Rone 8 dagar sedan
Jisez what a Rtart bunch of people that just dont get it! For you, this BS Loki is just perfect because what do you know about whats what! but any reaasonable logical person would understand that Loki is already a well established character with well established back story and it is just so stupid to make him a time machine traveler instead of God of mischief as he was. Why even put Loki in this series, they could have brought new character who doesn't already have 700 years of stories abut him
John Luigi Lorenzo
John Luigi Lorenzo 12 dagar sedan
Who's here after that GLORIOUS finale?!!
Hemant Kumar
Hemant Kumar 13 dagar sedan
It's clear from Marvel's every trailer that what is being shown is not the truth.
fuctukuj 13 dagar sedan
FAKE ArjO✓✓ 13 dagar sedan
plz back tony starck
Yash Yadav
Yash Yadav 13 dagar sedan
You know who makes loki more special. Who is Natalie Holt. Soundtrack is outstanding
Koranathip Sukrangsan
Koranathip Sukrangsan 13 dagar sedan
happy to enjoy the show :) but sad because this gonna be the end :(
Honey Impossible
Honey Impossible 13 dagar sedan
Who like Loki green theme???
Rishab Gupta
Rishab Gupta 13 dagar sedan
i just want to try some kablooie.
Yashvs 11 dagar sedan
Just wait for 37 years :)
AKHiL പിറവം
AKHiL പിറവം 13 dagar sedan
*You cross me, There are deadly Consequences* !!💥😍
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