What do Tom Hiddleston & Loki Have in Common? | Ask Marvel

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Tom Hiddleston, star of Marvel Studios’ Loki answers your questions.

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هناء لطفي يوسف الشاوش مجموعة 1
هناء لطفي يوسف الشاوش مجموعة 1 Dag sedan
how can they ask him what's the similarities between him and loki when he's obviously loki? WTF
maliya edits
maliya edits 3 dagar sedan
Imagine he answers your question 😩
Elana Stephens
Elana Stephens 5 dagar sedan
Tom: I’m not a god Us: 👁👄👁
Tania Oviedo
Tania Oviedo 6 dagar sedan
Tom: “I’m not a god” SAYS WHOOOO?
Marz R-Man
Marz R-Man 7 dagar sedan
The tragedy of Loki, Prince of Asgard...
Sevval Ozkaraca
Sevval Ozkaraca 10 dagar sedan
I want 3 Loki’s to meet so much imagine that Tom Hiddleston Loki (Marvel) Loki (The original Aka real norse god) Meets with eachother that would be fun
☠I AM GROOT☠ 12 dagar sedan
Maaan your voice is relaaaxing
Chantal Mannheimer
Chantal Mannheimer 12 dagar sedan
I love really love Tom to much ❤️🥲
Abhilasha Rai
Abhilasha Rai 13 dagar sedan
Tom: well I am not a God Me: of course you are🥺♥️♥️
mal ob
mal ob 13 dagar sedan
why am i just noticing that this man is so ✨fine✨ ??
Verónica Martí
Verónica Martí 13 dagar sedan
Amo a Tom, maravilloso como le da vida a Loki, pero como bailarín es PÉSIMO, lo que hace no es bailar es sangoloteo, le falta el toque latino, te quiero Tom 😘😘🇦🇷
Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston 14 dagar sedan
I cant help Looking at Tom's shirt *I can see his chest muscles just by looking at it*
ravén 15 dagar sedan
1:53 "the tragedy of loki, prince of asgard"
dimoandjelly Hero
dimoandjelly Hero 15 dagar sedan
You are my favorite character
all the first three things Tom Hiddleston said were my reactions to the series
𝔦'𝔪 𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔡 ℑ𝔫𝔰𝔦𝔡𝖊
𝔦'𝔪 𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔡 ℑ𝔫𝔰𝔦𝔡𝖊 18 dagar sedan
*But you’re like a god who everyone loves it, and admiring you so much Tom*
Jakub pik
Jakub pik 18 dagar sedan
I dont get the title isnt Tom a variant of Loki?
Arya M
Arya M 19 dagar sedan
I have such a huge admiration and obssession with the charachter Loki to a point it's hard for me imagine him as a fictional character. And I think I am not giving enough credit to Tom for that, because he plays the character so well that Loki feels like a real different person to me. I look at Tom and i find it hard to believe he is Loki. Idk if I making any sense but it's really fascinating.
Lauren Christians
Lauren Christians 19 dagar sedan
"aside from mischief" loki: mischief of course
Nisha Rani
Nisha Rani 20 dagar sedan
Tom: I am not God.... Me: noooo you are lying You are charismatic, handsome, sweet cute, a gentleman, with many talents like dancing, spoon playing thing, speaking many languages, able to juggle in car, singing.... God I can write and write and write it's not gonna end..... You are God 😍😍😘
Fiorella Falcon
Fiorella Falcon 21 dag sedan
Tom: I'm not a God. Me: Yes you are, not an Asgardian but definitely a Greek God.
TiggerIsMyCat 21 dag sedan
Oh, The Tempest? Another story with a father who lies to his child about their origins (or refusing to tell, I guess)/ keeping secrets from his child. Would be very relateable to Loki for sure. Oh, now I want an in-universe thing where Loki plays Ariel in The Tempest. I feel like he'd relate to that (and The Tempest actually has similar themes to Ragnarok, now that I think about it). Though I think Loki might be torn between playing Ariel and Caliban...
Tamires Nogueira
Tamires Nogueira 21 dag sedan
“We’ll I’m not a god” well, in addition to not having Wi-Fi at home, he also doesn’t have mirrors.
Monroe Witchxx
Monroe Witchxx 21 dag sedan
This laugh send me 1:56
Mariela Brito
Mariela Brito 21 dag sedan
Tom Hiddleston is one of a kind. Such a talented actor!
zey 22 dagar sedan
+What do you feel is the one element or trait that has consistent with him (!! Besides mischief of course!!) -Tom: Mischief
Anshuman Dewangan
Anshuman Dewangan 23 dagar sedan
Tom : I'm not a god The fandom : you ARE a god!!
Cori Bailey🦋
Cori Bailey🦋 23 dagar sedan
Love From India🇮🇳🇮🇳
Nicki 23 dagar sedan
So handsome ❤️
Erislayne Oliveira
Erislayne Oliveira 23 dagar sedan
Tom: Well, I'm not a god. Me: Well, you certainly look like one.
exo’s eri
exo’s eri 23 dagar sedan
Kate Lynch
Kate Lynch 24 dagar sedan
Tom: “well, I’m not a God…” Aren’t you? Aren’t you though?
Amritha I.
Amritha I. 24 dagar sedan
not him saying he’s an overgrown kid who pretends to be other people for a living… as if that’s not what Loki literally does
snow fall
snow fall 25 dagar sedan
Omg Loki the series is so much fun!😍
Sagar Parikh
Sagar Parikh 25 dagar sedan
Well Loki enacted Tom Hiddleston perfectly. Glorious Personification! 🤟🏻🤟🏻
Shonia D
Shonia D 25 dagar sedan
I have one doubt, how did travelling with the tessaract half the length of loki's hair!
Darksidecat 25 dagar sedan
"If It's All The Same To You, I'll Have That Drink Now."- Loki my love of my life
Maeve Kelly
Maeve Kelly 25 dagar sedan
Tom: well I’m not a god Me: hell yeah you are
Aamir Indie
Aamir Indie 27 dagar sedan
Obsessed with God of mischief.... Nobody could reprise the role better than the super cute, suave and intelligent Tom ❤️
Shreya K
Shreya K 27 dagar sedan
Tom: "I'm just an overgrown kid who pretends to be other people for a living." Me: that's literally Loki, he can literally shapeshift
ISHAN DHAWAN 29 dagar sedan
I meaannnn they look alike idk...
Audrey Agustin
Audrey Agustin 29 dagar sedan
Tom: Oh, I'm not a god ... but Tom, you are 😩
Miriam Eusepi
Miriam Eusepi 29 dagar sedan
"I'm not a god" shut up man
j varshika
j varshika Månad sedan
What makes loki a loki? Me: I can do this all day 😁💚
Clarice Quinn
Clarice Quinn Månad sedan
Tom; well im not a god Me: Yes you are!
Olivia Roman
Olivia Roman Månad sedan
tom: "well, im not a god" the entire hiddleston fandom: *are you sure about that?*
Olivia Roman
Olivia Roman Månad sedan
the question: "besides mischief" tom: mischief! :D
Amely Musafiri
Amely Musafiri Månad sedan
Tom : Well, im not a god Me : that’s debatable.
SONY Månad sedan
Jolanda Bester
Jolanda Bester Månad sedan
Disney+ is not available for us, and I wanna watch this so bad 😭. Tom is such a sweetheart, he must be protected at all costs ❤️
Rukhsana Rini
Rukhsana Rini Månad sedan
Marvel: What do Loki and Tom Helddlestone have in common? Me:uhhh... Me: After 5 sec..they look the same!
LadyDarkB Månad sedan
They are both cinnamon rolls that MUST BE PROTECT ALL COSTS
RBK STUDIOS Månad sedan
Can you upload If You Love Me, Let It Happen Featuring Loki and Silvie at the end of the show Please...
Cill Holmes
Cill Holmes Månad sedan
Everyone be saying there will be only one iron man that is Robert Downey Jr. But forgot to say, there will be only one Loki, and it's Tom Hiddleston
maya summers
maya summers Månad sedan
*The Tragedy Of Loki* _Prince of Asgard_ Not a bad idea.
maya summers
maya summers Månad sedan
Well they both are charming and have a way with words.
ElberethOhGilthoniel Månad sedan
Honestly,killing Loki was one of the most stupid things you could have done Marvel,but at least we still got a TV show. Hopefully he will get to appear in some of the next movies too.
Follower Månad sedan
Marvels casting is godly
Nayyir’s Rannaghor
Nayyir’s Rannaghor Månad sedan
Tom Hiddlestone dosent play loki, loki plays Tom Hiddlestone!
Beyond Zetabyte
Beyond Zetabyte Månad sedan
The Art Wizard
The Art Wizard Månad sedan
What do Tom hiddleston and loki have in common? . . "FACE" 😶
Planet Mason
Planet Mason Månad sedan
Another thing they have in common, IS THAT THEY HAVE BRITISH ACCENTS
Monisha Basak
Monisha Basak Månad sedan
"I'm just a overgrown kid" oh come on GOD OF POLITENESS just accept you are Loki
Magnolia Månad sedan
*besides mischief* Tom Hiddelston : Mischief !
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker Månad sedan
I’m like loki
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker Månad sedan
Sky Knight
Sky Knight Månad sedan
What Tom hiddleston and loki have in common that slyvie doesn't have?
Celtic Viking
Celtic Viking Månad sedan
The second Disney brought up sexuality and identity politics I stopped watching!
Elizabeth Cormier
Elizabeth Cormier Månad sedan
I need to see the play "The tragedy of Loki, prince of asgard"
Sameeha Asad
Sameeha Asad Månad sedan
🗡️= ❤️🥰
_GRIM_REAPER_ Månad sedan
Hmm Xst
Hmm Xst Månad sedan
Loki series tamil dub kobi naayar voice super
Jay Parmar
Jay Parmar Månad sedan
Tom Hiddleston is my favourite actor !!
Please forgive me I've got demons in my head
Please forgive me I've got demons in my head Månad sedan
Tom Hiddleston I love you 사랑해요 我愛你~~❤💖💓😘 Actually I'm fairly new into Loki's world n become a fan (also into the marvel world😊). But my love to Loki not less than any other's. I appreciate I can more learn Loki by Loki series!!! I'm so lucky! And from now on Tom Hiddleston will be like air for me that I can't live without🥰 Just so like Tom's adorable smile and everything!! I adore Tom!
Maxime Paris
Maxime Paris Månad sedan
Tom: “I’m not a god..” Me: Agree to Disagree 🥰
Raj Kulkarni
Raj Kulkarni Månad sedan
What do Tom Hiddleston & Loki Have in Common? = face
Tata Alvita
Tata Alvita Månad sedan
The cat at TVA is superrr cute
Sandesh MS
Sandesh MS Månad sedan
It would be nice if they made Loki series around 3 year back, before infinity war
Monish Kumar
Monish Kumar Månad sedan
What's the difference between Loki and Tom Hiddleston? Tom Hiddleston isn't bisexual. Marvel is a joke at this point. Changing characters for the minorities.
RamxHorn Månad sedan
"The Tragedy of Loki: Prince of Asgard" Watch out Shakespeare, Tom Hiddleston is coming for you
Big Ed
Big Ed Månad sedan
He didn’t really live through the events of infinity war though did he
Akshay R Sarangdhar
Akshay R Sarangdhar Månad sedan
Loki is not a god, he is a "PUNY GOD" 😂. No offense, I love Loki.
So Yá
So Yá Månad sedan
lelaki pembohong haha
Fei Månad sedan
What does tom and loki have in common?? Voice
A.I Playzz - MCPE
A.I Playzz - MCPE Månad sedan
Common is the face
Mina Månad sedan
Sometimes I forget Tom Hiddleston was an English major and then he brings up Shakespeare in a Loki interview. Awesome.
Alana Miyai
Alana Miyai Månad sedan
“I am not a God” hm agree to disagree sir
HANNAH BERG Månad sedan
he is our god
szewei1985 Månad sedan
Hahahaha cool
Manzar Bukhari
Manzar Bukhari Månad sedan
what a beautiful smile love that
Johnny Stob
Johnny Stob Månad sedan
Tom: “And I’m just an overgrown kid who pretends to be other people for a living.” Sounds like Loki to me!
R Munusamy
R Munusamy Månad sedan
Tamil dubbing
Xxsever_ ShadowxX
Xxsever_ ShadowxX Månad sedan
Actors in the movie: 👨 Actors in the interview: 🧔 They look different, they have a different accent, or they have a different haircut when in the interview, is it just me!?
Johnny Evans
Johnny Evans Månad sedan
The guttural H habitual smile systemically suspend because farm fortuitously wriggle beyond a one chance. hot huge, waggish beret
DRAGON BEAST Månad sedan
I have a my theory on TVA : That TVA has been made by actually captain america. I mean 1st when tony made time travel machine than after Many one tries to do time travel and that started the miltiverse war and then when captain go back to give or place Infinity stones then he might also go in future and then he comes to know that it startes because Avengers done time travel and he wants to protect universe and he might get help from time keeper's and then he made the TVA and that's because TVA don't tell or ask captain about anything why he stated in past and live a life and now also he is vanished. No symbol where he could be. He maybe in TVA and guiding them. so maybe that's the whole reason why TVA didn't come to stop the thanos who comes from past. And they also didn't change anything related to what Avengers did on that time. And when loki ask they just told that everything is written. Because this doesn't make much sense. Well that's my whole theory related to TVA.
my lucifer is lonely
my lucifer is lonely Månad sedan
tom: "i'm not a god" yes you are we bow down to our overlord tom hiddleston 🛐🛐
Cassidy Gage
Cassidy Gage Månad sedan
q: whats a characteristic besides mischief that Loki has kept? a: mischief oh Tom i love you 😂
Fanpage Edits
Fanpage Edits Månad sedan
Its funny because I saw this really believable video where they explained a theory that Tom is Loki💀 I cant find it again, i just have it in my memory🥲
Fanpage Edits
Fanpage Edits Månad sedan
Tom is so cute I can’t handle it
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