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Today, Marvel tells the hair-raising story of Spider-Verse. This, friends, is a story about embracing one's destiny... or multiple destinies... from multiple universes. Follow ALL the Spider characters as they team-up to save destiny itself! ► Subscribe to Marvel: bit.ly/WeO3YJ

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Simon’s Zone
Simon’s Zone 4 dagar sedan
This is the 4000th comment, still one of my favorite episodes
AVPAAV Comics 6 dagar sedan
You kno what? I think this version of Spider Verse will be adapted in No Way Home. The entire web of fate Destiny reality will be destroyed by some Spider dude, and Doctor Strange must help fix it. So that can tie in with Doctor Strange 2.
pink girl
pink girl 6 dagar sedan
Just rewatching cause the master weavers seem like a mcu phase 4 level threat.
Ali iswadi
Ali iswadi 7 dagar sedan
Just Another Bro
Just Another Bro 10 dagar sedan
1:58 spider swastika legs
Spider-Man 15 dagar sedan
Best superhero of all time 😊👍
Benjamin Curran
Benjamin Curran 22 dagar sedan
I love how this comic series has a bunch of forgotten spidey's from TV shows
James Loranger
James Loranger Månad sedan
The cruel female thoracically enjoy because egg endosonographically fold to a imaginary improvement. instinctive, good hamster
Awesome Blox
Awesome Blox Månad sedan
hope mj dosent watch this
Brooklyn Shaw
Brooklyn Shaw Månad sedan
You sound like Noah sterling and you may be
Brooklyn Shaw
Brooklyn Shaw Månad sedan
ok Månad sedan
He is Noah sterling
Jonas Djaman
Jonas Djaman 2 månader sedan
I think spider-man Spider-manShut up Is Going to riD OF the Order spider-man 'S
iloveastronomyandnature 2 månader sedan
I need to get this comic/graphic novel
no name
no name 2 månader sedan
MAYDAY parker can get it😩😩😩
Grandpa Gojira
Grandpa Gojira 2 månader sedan
Justice for U.K spidey
Pqrfect 2 månader sedan
*Let’s see if this works* ...Read more
ok Månad sedan
Lol I fell for it
Universes collide The PDJ2012 Chanel
Universes collide The PDJ2012 Chanel 2 månader sedan
What about spidernoir and that spider bot controled by the little girl?
Ozby 11
Ozby 11 2 månader sedan
Spider Noir is at 1:44
May Cabico
May Cabico 2 månader sedan
Ah yes the multiverse has many random and wierd people
JockeyField 3 månader sedan
hopefully spider-uk goes to earth 616 to become the uk spider-man that stops alleyway stabbings and children stealing from adults
KevinD SanD
KevinD SanD 3 månader sedan
Kevin gu Spider verse Kevin cd verse
Kavish Kothari
Kavish Kothari 3 månader sedan
Plot twist dead pool is a spider man
Matt McCabe
Matt McCabe 3 månader sedan
It's not a spiderman adventure if SOMEONE doesn't suffer, right? Brilliant 😁
Mason P
Mason P 3 månader sedan
Spider-Man has a baby with Mayday Parker Spider- Benji
Zachary Swenson
Zachary Swenson 3 månader sedan
this is an odd story
ruben calderon fuchs
ruben calderon fuchs 3 månader sedan
You missed a lot out a lot of details that happened in this story like you didn’t say how Kane became so in raged because Ben Riley Spider-Man sacrificed himself
Ozby 11
Ozby 11 2 månader sedan
This is supposed to be a short version so there aren’t many details
Nikashz Ganesan
Nikashz Ganesan 3 månader sedan
It makes sense why benji, Kaine and Silk were chosen: Silk to symbolize the webs/wires. Kaine to symbolise the curse of the wanderer to live forever and lastly benji to symbolize Benjamin Button, the man who grew backwards so it’s reverse. In short The spider power is cursed with death since the Curse of the Wanderer let’s the victim live forever, unable to die.
Vons Amvs
Vons Amvs 3 månader sedan
No way the strongest spider man dies so easy
Person17 3 månader sedan
With great power comes great Responsibility. -Uncle Ben.
Memerroni 3 månader sedan
This plot should be fixed Within the spiderverse movies, making it better, and a little less fanfictiony and deathy, I'd love to see the inheritors on the big screen, but it's not up to us...oh well
Weekly Memes
Weekly Memes 3 månader sedan
If this was Spider-verse 2, I would be so happy.
K - 2 0
K - 2 0 3 månader sedan
Imagine Marvel making a Movie about this
Azam Musa
Azam Musa 3 månader sedan
Spider-Man marvel cinematic universe disney and sony 😎😁
bobux man
bobux man 4 månader sedan
Spider UK: imma go back to my universe now Other spiders man : about that...
Mossimo Reynolds
Mossimo Reynolds 4 månader sedan
Some marvel nerds already know this but you may ask, Is there a universe of which our reality consides? And, yes there is. Earth-1218 is the designation given to our reality, where superheroes and other super-powered beings don't physically exist. This universe may appear somewhat dull from a cerebral perspective, but it does have its good sides, for those willing to recognize them. In this world, all characters from other realities are considered fictional and are currently owned by Marvel Comics. Super powered individuals would apparently lose their powers if they ever visited Earth-1218. The reasoning behind this, according to the grandmaster, that the rules of this reality are too strict to the existence of superheroes and gods. Since there are realities like earth-199999 which is the MCU and Earth-120703 which is the Amazing spider-man cinematic universe, it is possible for non comic oriented universes do exist. This opens up a lot of possibilities like actors that play as super beings from Earth-199999 don't exist in that universe because they are that super being like Chris Evans not existing in Earth-199999 because he is Captain america. Also that there is a version of you in every universe. The more you know.
Straight Bri’ish Dog
Straight Bri’ish Dog 4 månader sedan
Arnold Jayden
Arnold Jayden 4 månader sedan
Bruh this was complicated
Coldkiller47 4 månader sedan
loved the 90's cartoon spider-vers, but this is to confusing for normal audiance
Manya Singh
Manya Singh 4 månader sedan
I think that 'spiderman into multucerse' sequel will have same story coz we saw spiderman 2099 in credit scene
Vadrif Draco
Vadrif Draco 4 månader sedan
... ?
Reiss Spangenberg
Reiss Spangenberg 4 månader sedan
2:25 oh no.... spider meme an
Papaya YEET!!!
Papaya YEET!!! 4 månader sedan
Not gonna lie but this is better than the movie lol
Madhumita Majumder
Madhumita Majumder 4 månader sedan
But what about the other spider mans
Ryan Cassidy
Ryan Cassidy 4 månader sedan
Let me guess spider man UK is from England
Jace R.
Jace R. 5 månader sedan
4000 thousandth comment
oscar cool12345
oscar cool12345 5 månader sedan
oh so you like spiderman then name all the spidermens
Naufal Rifda
Naufal Rifda 5 månader sedan
Ahmad Salem
Ahmad Salem 5 månader sedan
Why isn't there a game of this...?
Shawno 5 månader sedan
Oi mate thats brexit for ya
Alchemy Zedd
Alchemy Zedd 5 månader sedan
Anyone ready for Spiderman:No Way Home?
Iconik yt
Iconik yt 5 månader sedan
I feel like this is just a knock off version of endgame and infinity war
EPICNINJAGAMERYT 4 månader sedan
This came before infinity war and endgame, so if anything, IW and EG are the knock offs
ubaid Rehman
ubaid Rehman 5 månader sedan
i the whole movie i hard spider man spider man spidernam
Rebecca Lavell
Rebecca Lavell 5 månader sedan
My names benji soooooo im a marvel character
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 5 månader sedan
Does every universe has the dead uncle simulator
solgalex Månad sedan
No did you not see that Uncle Ben was the only human survivor as well as Spider-Man in one universe. Also he was alive in some other stuff like the universe with Spider-Ma'am
MOVIES KHAZANA 5 månader sedan
Spider-Man No Way Home
squirrel 5 månader sedan
Ok I don't want spiderverse anymore
Isaac Hirsch
Isaac Hirsch 5 månader sedan
RIP spider UK
Face 19
Face 19 5 månader sedan
This is to much to remember lol
We dont talk about me
We dont talk about me 5 månader sedan
Otto: So when you all were fighting the Inheritors I decided to Kill The Master Weaver, then I realized that he's holding Destiny together so thats on me. Miles: YOU WHAT?! Miguel: OTTO!! OUR LIVES ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT WEB AND YOU DESTROYED THE WHOLE WEB, THERE'S NO FUTURE BECAUSE OF YOU!! Peter: (Punch) WHAT (Punch) THE HELL (Punch) IS WRONG (Punch) WITH YOU?!
Sword Channel
Sword Channel Månad sedan
This comment deserves more likes
Mairead Dunphy  and cian aliyah and luke
Mairead Dunphy and cian aliyah and luke 5 månader sedan
What about spider ham!?!?!
Ace R
Ace R 5 månader sedan
What in the watt pad fanfic
Denise Bell
Denise Bell 5 månader sedan
Denise Bell
Denise Bell 5 månader sedan
Flaming Razor737
Flaming Razor737 5 månader sedan
01:46 that's what i call the spider man dream team
Kevin B
Kevin B 5 månader sedan
The word "Spider" just sounds like meaningless syllables now.
Iosif Cristian Andries
Iosif Cristian Andries 5 månader sedan
Is it just me or do I find it slightly stupid that Cosmic Spiderman was killed by one of those vampire guys, yet Kane in his spider monster form killed I think the strongest vampire guy out of all of them in that group when cosmic spiderman in my opinion is way stronger then Kane.
Daniel Chistensen
Daniel Chistensen 5 månader sedan
thy have sly the next Sean slk is there
Amit 5 månader sedan
So these spider people don't hesitate to kill people? I thought Marvel characters don't kill.
Amit Månad sedan
@solgalex thanks for the information
solgalex Månad sedan
Some Marvel characters do kill, I mean Wolverine has a body count in the thousands. Superior Spider-Man and Kaine are the only Spider-Men there that kill but other than that Peter was pretty strict on the no-killing rule
So guys, Which one of My favourite Spider - man?
Knight_Does_Stuff 5 månader sedan
wait but what if spider ben dies and makes another spiderman
RedRobin HeroWrestling
RedRobin HeroWrestling 6 månader sedan
So coool you have no idea
I like nougat
I like nougat 5 månader sedan
Imagine telling Marvel they have no idea about a Marvel story
Abderrahim Bakir
Abderrahim Bakir 6 månader sedan
Why Spider-Gwen is in the background and did nothing in this story
Spab Family
Spab Family 6 månader sedan
Does Spider-Man 2099 count as an alternate reality Spider-Man? Isn’t he the Spider-Man from the future
Aftab Randhawa
Aftab Randhawa 6 månader sedan
You know what would be cool if spectacular Spiderman was part of that spider verse comic I would be so happy
Dolapo Ojo
Dolapo Ojo 6 månader sedan
WHERE DID THEY ALL COME FROM?!!!!! I thought it was only spider verse😐
solgalex Månad sedan
Spider-verse is a play on the words Spider and multiverse. They come from the multiverse, different universes
Xxbunny ice creamxX
Xxbunny ice creamxX 6 månader sedan
How many spider people are there
Nore Conflict
Nore Conflict 6 månader sedan
I wonder who is going to sleep next.
Bimal Garg
Bimal Garg 6 månader sedan
What in the name of....?
Raj Modi
Raj Modi 6 månader sedan
im bored
im bored 6 månader sedan
Is this just all spider mans/woman’s
The Random Creator
The Random Creator 6 månader sedan
Spiderman is the most awesome character in the mcu
Λαμπρος Γραψας
Λαμπρος Γραψας 7 månader sedan
Didn't they also recruit Spiderman from earth 1048?
sterthemerl is the best
sterthemerl is the best 7 månader sedan
I like Kaine Better than Ben
David Pen
David Pen 7 månader sedan
hey >:0 this is like the flash
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 7 månader sedan
So many Spider Men
ALIEN9 7 månader sedan
So spider man uk is the reason for secret wars why just why uk
Bullet 7 månader sedan
Spiderman 2077
Bullet 7 månader sedan
Miles morales is just a black version of peter parler
Sean Liquit
Sean Liquit 7 månader sedan
Spider UK's dimension was destroyed because of the new strain of Corona virus....
BECTRONCOMICS FelixMurikiCodemanofficial
BECTRONCOMICS FelixMurikiCodemanofficial 7 månader sedan
This cartoon makes me laugh and happy
The Hill
The Hill 7 månader sedan
Spider Girl, the future where MARVEL was too cowardly to make official.
R.I.P. Ple Gaming
R.I.P. Ple Gaming 7 månader sedan
Cosmic snack man lol 😂
NeonLegendYT 7 månader sedan
The original spiderman is the real and the main spiderman
Nuk4lear 7 månader sedan
Would be better with the Spider-Zombie.
M a a d
M a a d 7 månader sedan
This comic is a must buy. Very fun and interesting
Ibrahim Playz
Ibrahim Playz 7 månader sedan
this, this is life's meaning reading marvel comics while being a kid
Tommy Frost
Tommy Frost 7 månader sedan
Where's Madame Web?
Zubair bari
Zubair bari 7 månader sedan
hey these are not true i saw spider verse original movie
I like nougat
I like nougat 5 månader sedan
The comic came out 4 years before the movie
Carlo Levi
Carlo Levi 7 månader sedan
This is the story of the spiderverse from the comics
Superluigifan 77
Superluigifan 77 7 månader sedan
Poor Spider UK 😢
Player1_studios 7 månader sedan
Spider man into the spider verse 2 trailer
CreeperSammyB !
CreeperSammyB ! 7 månader sedan
This storyline is the best one ever Because 60’s spidey
Pie ;-;
Pie ;-; 7 månader sedan
Imma show this to the spider in my room
Pie ;-;
Pie ;-; 7 månader sedan
@BlueÖysterStan lol
BlueÖysterStan 7 månader sedan
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