“Variant Identified” Clip | Marvel Studios’ Loki | Disney+

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Marvel Entertainment

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The Time Variance Authority interrupts your timeline to bring you a new clip from Marvel Studios’ “Loki.” The Original Series starts streaming in two days on Disney+.

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Thekombatmaster Dag sedan
0:30 that laugh
Sam T
Sam T Dag sedan
remember when it took the Avengers to capture Loki? now it just takes a fat lady with a baton.
Sangeetha Saravanan
Sangeetha Saravanan 4 dagar sedan
Guys we want in language pls tamil language pls pls 🙏 I love ❤❤ guys
Kev Glitt
Kev Glitt 6 dagar sedan
The organic dinner ectrodactyly dance because detail scientifically judge barring a skinny nickel. reflective, powerful jaguar
Naseem Shanboor
Naseem Shanboor 7 dagar sedan
making infinity stones useless in TVA. congratulations Marvel now your in the Lucasfilm club of ruining franchises
HadiMali 7 dagar sedan
If you didn't cut the scnes of many Thor movies, people could understand Loki and humanity & life better (even maybe the "Gods" (in reality "Ma'am, There is only one God and I am pretty sure he doesn't clothing like these."). He was not bad at first. I think, they will let Loki this good Loki screw (?) the time and he will rule the universe. And I think the movie will be the "if" altarnete history... (They will make a moive I think, its name is "if")
Antonio Atienza III
Antonio Atienza III 8 dagar sedan
They should have included JCVD as one of the time cops.
Jeremy Cruz
Jeremy Cruz 10 dagar sedan
You guys should do a capt. America series to show what happened to capt. When he was returning the stones😆😁
Suriya.j IX a2 【3321】
Suriya.j IX a2 【3321】 10 dagar sedan
Please realise Loki in tamil 😭
Sandy Gupta
Sandy Gupta 10 dagar sedan
All pride and image of loki thrashed in no time.🤣🤣🤣🤣
PRAKYATH V 10 dagar sedan
Hi marvel entertainment I am from India in tamil nadu and I am one of the fan avengers and I was looked for loki you have told that it will be dubbed in Tamil, hindi and telugu but why tamil and telugu was dubbed you hurted us so please dubbed which language you said
Milo Corrigan
Milo Corrigan 10 dagar sedan
It's ironic that Loki is identified as a 'variant' with all the different coronavirus 'variants' around
2 MOHAMED AZATH.S 10 dagar sedan
Tamil dub please
4099 Vignesh
4099 Vignesh 10 dagar sedan
Why not dub in Tamil
IZAZ AHAMAD 10 dagar sedan
Where is tamil dubbed 💁🏻🧐
TECH BRO 10 dagar sedan
Loki series is awesome but we want Tamil dub # we want Tamil dub
DM01 Zaza
DM01 Zaza 11 dagar sedan
Первая серия была действильно занятная, жаль что не разом весь выложат :)
a dishonored tree
a dishonored tree 11 dagar sedan
I wish the show was good, that would have been nice
Cyber 11 dagar sedan
So should they go after Gamora and Steve too?
Muhaimin Blank
Muhaimin Blank 11 dagar sedan
I've only watched the first episode like... five times now. I mean down to miss minutes message at the end of the end credits! I can see myself watching this series over and over again in a compulsion to revel in my existential depression. I hope the series goes on to build on the scale it has already established with the pilot episode and not derail into something else. Cos it'd be nice if this ends up being what I binge till I take the plunge. And I just want to thank marvel for everything.
vicky vignesh
vicky vignesh 11 dagar sedan
Clip super I am waiting tamil dubbing in loki tv series
Star Lite
Star Lite 11 dagar sedan
Yep and he did get punched
Aji Ajith
Aji Ajith 11 dagar sedan
We need tamildub loki
Abdul Rasheed
Abdul Rasheed 11 dagar sedan
We need Tamil dubbing series
Oscar Clarke
Oscar Clarke 11 dagar sedan
I don't like his Bob haircut
M.B.L 11 dagar sedan
D3Z 11 dagar sedan
Well, we all know that dint go well 😁😂
Rocky Rock
Rocky Rock 11 dagar sedan
Upload all part as soon
F F E 11 dagar sedan
Please..... Release in Tamil Telugu also....
K.PAVITHRAN 11 dagar sedan
Loki tamil dubbed panuga
Maheswaran 11 dagar sedan
Tamil dubbed is available or not available please tell
Binx 11 dagar sedan
Fun fact this is some how inspired by the teletubbies
Viquers Vikers
Viquers Vikers 11 dagar sedan
moments before disaster caught on camera
Karanguejo 11 dagar sedan
The TVA is a straight up rip off of the Time Bureau from DC
Snivellus 11 dagar sedan
Captain America: meddles with time, goes back into time and never returns TVA: *Imma pretend I didn’t see that*
Akshay H N
Akshay H N 11 dagar sedan
I just finished watching episode 1 And felt like MCU not stopping anytime soon
Mark Sharp
Mark Sharp 11 dagar sedan
Это казахстан, да?
Suresh Arumugam
Suresh Arumugam 11 dagar sedan
I need Tamil dabbing voice
Rubin Sage
Rubin Sage 11 dagar sedan
The hushed anethesiologist putatively form because bath ganguly fade upon a hoc street. important, feeble feigned steel
Life_ savior
Life_ savior 11 dagar sedan
So what happened to Timekeeper when thanos wipe out half of the universe for 5,7 years??? 🙄
Prathiksha Jothi
Prathiksha Jothi 11 dagar sedan
Pls dubbed in tamil language
use less
use less 11 dagar sedan
the music is just 🥰🤌🏼
thomas shelby
thomas shelby 11 dagar sedan
Fat lady go brrr
thomas shelby
thomas shelby 11 dagar sedan
If loki hadn't stolen that tesseract, then iron man and cap wouldn't have went back in time, so if loki wasn't supposed to escape with that stone, they were not supposed to go back either arrest them and leave my man lol
Arvin Ajay
Arvin Ajay 12 dagar sedan
We need Tamil dubbing
Justin Best
Justin Best 12 dagar sedan
41K people have had their fill of idiots in armored suits telling them what to do.
Maria Da Gloria Bezerra Santos
Maria Da Gloria Bezerra Santos 12 dagar sedan
Estou bem entusiasmada, amando assistur!!
Perumal Kumar
Perumal Kumar 12 dagar sedan
We all went tamil dubbed loki episode
FlyN Saucer
FlyN Saucer 12 dagar sedan
This is not Loki, please try again. RIP Loki!
Aditya Vikram
Aditya Vikram 12 dagar sedan
Just hope they don't do our boy bad and show his true powers.
BROXBURN 12 dagar sedan
Hey, im a frog
Roberto Sin Más
Roberto Sin Más 12 dagar sedan
Jay Uchiha
Jay Uchiha 12 dagar sedan
Been hearing "variant identified" way too often these days if you catch my drift
Dhara shah
Dhara shah 12 dagar sedan
my only concern is that his hair grew shorter while travelling!!!!
Matthew Harvey
Matthew Harvey 12 dagar sedan
ok.. I just watched the Pilot episode tonight.. and.. its kinda.. "alright" .. weird, but watchable.. so far..
ASMR HOUSE 12 dagar sedan
your last chance, now get out of my. Plab! XD
H E R O gAmEr
H E R O gAmEr 12 dagar sedan
What if they release the film on 10th😜
12 321 HARISH.T
12 321 HARISH.T 12 dagar sedan
Release tamil version
sangeetha vediyappan
sangeetha vediyappan 12 dagar sedan
Please put Tamil dubbed
Logeshkumar 12 dagar sedan
We want in tamil
Rupan Raj
Rupan Raj 12 dagar sedan
Wera level
Rupan Raj
Rupan Raj 12 dagar sedan
Tamil dub eppo varum?????
MegaSpideyman 12 dagar sedan
Not another variant!
ᴍᴜʟᴛɪᴠᴇʀꜱᴇ ᴍᴀʀᴠᴇʟ
ᴍᴜʟᴛɪᴠᴇʀꜱᴇ ᴍᴀʀᴠᴇʟ 12 dagar sedan
We want tamil dubbing please marvel
Qaraş Həsənov KK
Qaraş Həsənov KK 12 dagar sedan
Nobody 12 dagar sedan
Kind of like how the media targets certain individuals. The entire avengers crew break the f*ck outta time... Meh! Loki breaks it... Hurry everyone lose your minds!!!
Ramesh Babu
Ramesh Babu 12 dagar sedan
Release in tamil dubbing 🙂 please
Pavan Kumar Reddy Elluri
Pavan Kumar Reddy Elluri 12 dagar sedan
Is it available in Telugu........
enkhjin gantulga
enkhjin gantulga 12 dagar sedan
I mean, how many clips are there??? I lost my count
V.G. Castle
V.G. Castle 12 dagar sedan
It's not funny how it is universal to say hands up Come on, these people are not from Earth. Build some culture
Nivi Dharan
Nivi Dharan 12 dagar sedan
Please tamil dub fast
Gnana Sai
Gnana Sai 12 dagar sedan
Telugu ?
Abdul Rahman Kazi
Abdul Rahman Kazi 12 dagar sedan
Sanjay S
Sanjay S 12 dagar sedan
Loki series want tamil dubbing ❤️
Vijayan 12 dagar sedan
We want Tamil dub ...
Dranzer AMV
Dranzer AMV 12 dagar sedan
12 hours to go. I can't wait anymore..
sathees saran
sathees saran 12 dagar sedan
Vijay Prasath
Vijay Prasath 12 dagar sedan
We want tamil dubbing ..Guys whose want tamil dubbing like me or add a public comment
Aritra brahma
Aritra brahma 12 dagar sedan
Saumen Pol
Saumen Pol 12 dagar sedan
Can't wait for it to release..
Ragnor lothbrok
Ragnor lothbrok 12 dagar sedan
Goosebumps 🔥🔥
raja kumarkr
raja kumarkr 12 dagar sedan
Now u should upload series ...😂😂
ganesh kumar
ganesh kumar 12 dagar sedan
Please release this in tamil doubt...
ashwin VS
ashwin VS 12 dagar sedan
Waiting for tamil dubbed version 🤩🤩
SlipperyJimmy 12 dagar sedan
I'm going to bet immediately after this they just dogpile him and beat him up.
Pearl Jhonathan
Pearl Jhonathan 12 dagar sedan
We wanna in Tamil Loki series
Loki Tamil
Tamil engada
PHRANAV K S 12 dagar sedan
Please release Tamil dubbed loki series , in Tamilnadu so many peoples waiting for that , I have to say that Tamil dubbed loki voice is incredible . We have approximately 4 hours, release Loki series in tamil dubbed 🙏🙏
S.DHWARAKESH DHOR1 12 dagar sedan
We need in Tamil 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
MinniMaster 12 dagar sedan
I'm guessing he gets clowned on right after this clip ends
Mohamed Abdul Rasheed
Mohamed Abdul Rasheed 12 dagar sedan
Tamil dub eppomda pannuvinga
status uploader
status uploader 12 dagar sedan
Tamil dubbed please
Amit kumar mahato
Amit kumar mahato 12 dagar sedan
Oh he's so gonna get electricuted !!! Just like thor.. in ragnarok.
HariHaran Sm
HariHaran Sm 12 dagar sedan
We want this season in tamil dub PLZZ bruhh
Shanthiraj Kanish
Shanthiraj Kanish 12 dagar sedan
pls release tamil dub
Duke 12 dagar sedan
2 more hours till I can watch, I CANT WAIT!!!!
Athithya Athi
Athithya Athi 12 dagar sedan
Tamil dubbed is available? Plss release tamil dubbed we are waiting.... 😎 loki💚 @marvel...
Boni Carcamo
Boni Carcamo 12 dagar sedan
Man I’ll die if I hear a comment like Loki thinking: “man thanos is gonna snap my neck”
Nithish Kumar
Nithish Kumar 13 dagar sedan
Pls release this series in tamil
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