BLACK PANTHER #25 Trailer | Marvel Comics

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Ta-Nehisi Coates' revolutionary Black Panther run comes to its epic conclusion in BLACK PANTHER #25!

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gorege jones
gorege jones 5 dagar sedan
Wakanda forever
Hernan 14 dagar sedan
Ta-nehisi is trash
Vicky Vicky
Vicky Vicky 16 dagar sedan
Ampocalypse W
Ampocalypse W 17 dagar sedan
I hope they keep him as the emperor of an intergalactic empire of Wakanda in the next run, having us explore just how far Wakanda has reach. But I hope we get to see newer and rich characters, such as wakandan mutants including their tech and lore. And holy cow T'Challa is even more richer now, he might be equal or even surpass Thor in riches
Saad Nabil
Saad Nabil 19 dagar sedan
0:16 So Black Panther and Storm are going to go back to each other? I hope so!
Saad Nabil
Saad Nabil 19 dagar sedan
Wakanda Forever!!!!!
Dr Cory
Dr Cory 19 dagar sedan
Awesome video
Marvel Puasa
Marvel Puasa 19 dagar sedan
Kita penamaan marvel
Mac bogus 7
Mac bogus 7 19 dagar sedan
Oh so dis comic I wait why wouldn’t you do an animated black panther
iKutie 19 dagar sedan
Aarohan Sharma
Aarohan Sharma 19 dagar sedan
any how we need killmonger as the new black panther in Black panther 2
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 14 dagar sedan
MARVEL Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever*
Jelkor 20 dagar sedan
*THE TRUE KING* Wakanda Forever !
Tannor Johnson
Tannor Johnson 20 dagar sedan
Is this supposed to be part of the marvel universe?
Tannor Johnson
Tannor Johnson 20 dagar sedan
@Alberto Rojas ok got it thanks 👍
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 20 dagar sedan
MARVEL Comics Black Panther Vol.7 #25 is part of the mainstream continuity, the Prime MARVEL Universe (Earth-616).
Nexo Wolf
Nexo Wolf 20 dagar sedan
R.I.P Chadwick
Alysson Tavares
Alysson Tavares 20 dagar sedan
Wakanda Forever! 🙏🏻
40.Shejin G Johnson
40.Shejin G Johnson 20 dagar sedan
Black panther will be tough game for avengers without chadwick
John Love
John Love 21 dag sedan
Thank God Tanehasi Coates run is over. Worst Black Panther Writer Ever
ilyas shah
ilyas shah 21 dag sedan
i thought this was TtRRraIiiIIIIer
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 20 dagar sedan
It is a TrAiLeR!!!
Srinivas Rohan
Srinivas Rohan 21 dag sedan
We miss you
SMILE 22 dagar sedan
Is this amazing!!!
Math 22 dagar sedan
I thought this was for the game 😂
Rich Castle
Rich Castle 22 dagar sedan
Ta-Nehsi Coates, concluding? Good. How the hell did he write the character for so long? This guy destroyed Black Panther or rather he REDEFINED the character but not for the better. My three year old niece can write a better book than Coates
kesava lavu
kesava lavu 22 dagar sedan
Missing the Black star Chadwick Bose man..😧😧😧☹️☹️☹️... May his soul find some Rest In peace.
There Can Only Be One
There Can Only Be One 23 dagar sedan
Bring T'Challa back on screen
God Thor
God Thor 23 dagar sedan
I can't believe that marvel itself Clickbaited me! 😫😫😫
God Thor
God Thor 22 dagar sedan
@Alberto Rojas : Yes maybe 👀
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 22 dagar sedan
No, your reading comprehension fooled you, simply because this video is clearly titled,... "BLACK PANTHER #25 Trailer | Marvel Comics"
SANGI does everything
SANGI does everything 23 dagar sedan
I mean iron man season
SANGI does everything
SANGI does everything 23 dagar sedan
Please marvel we want tony stark back please at least in a season
Anbu Raj
Anbu Raj 23 dagar sedan
View mokka commentary
Soulz_of_gaming 23 dagar sedan
i think black panther is going to be the host of a symbiote
Murli Mahant
Murli Mahant 23 dagar sedan
I am writing to hulk solo movie... 💪👊💪👊
지민박 23 dagar sedan
I thought it was a movie trailer, BYE 💀
Prashanna Adhikari
Prashanna Adhikari 23 dagar sedan
Wankanda for ever
Devansh Negi
Devansh Negi 23 dagar sedan
Oh thought it's wakanda forever trailer
TH∆I 24 dagar sedan
Wakanda Forever👐🏿
Athul Dan Sabu
Athul Dan Sabu 24 dagar sedan
Ressurrect Erik Killmonger Like Bucky I watched Blackpanther just for watching Michael B Jordan as Killmonger ❤️ And look at this anime character He looks exactly like this anime
DBZ Anime
DBZ Anime 24 dagar sedan
Wakanda Forever
Ravan Records
Ravan Records 24 dagar sedan
Congratulations 16M Subscribe 🎉❤️
Munk 24 dagar sedan
Was really into it, till i saw the author's name
esdras nguessan
esdras nguessan 22 dagar sedan
Cornelius est optimus
Cornelius est optimus 24 dagar sedan
Wakanda forever!
D4rk Official
D4rk Official 24 dagar sedan
Wakanda Forever
Aquariuskudo 24 dagar sedan
This run was pretty garbage not gonna lie.
esdras nguessan
esdras nguessan 22 dagar sedan
ta nehisi coates is Garbage, there wasn't much to expect
Chirag s kashyap
Chirag s kashyap 24 dagar sedan
RISC 24 dagar sedan
POV: you clicked on this video cuz you thought it was a movie trailer
COkeefe Jones
COkeefe Jones 24 dagar sedan
This is heart breaking torture without Tchalla and knowing he won't be recasted. We need Tchalla back there is waaaaay too much we're missing. Dam you Marvel!!!
Kuzey Yavuz
Kuzey Yavuz 24 dagar sedan
1:14 Milet Morales And Hulk ?!
Anil Bobonga
Anil Bobonga 24 dagar sedan
I Miss Black Panther 😭 😭😭
Lisa Heyman
Lisa Heyman 24 dagar sedan
Its just a warned That Black Panther 2 is coming Just like Eternals
ALchemistO 24 dagar sedan
Wait wait wait......6 stone you have and you cant use it on Thanos? Instead of snap...iron man or any other avenger can kill Thanos right? Where are you marvel..i need the answer.😣
RT. WOrLD 24 dagar sedan
Black panther To Mar Gya
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar 24 dagar sedan
Will he die in this one...?😥😥
Aditya Raj thakur
Aditya Raj thakur 24 dagar sedan
Wakanda forever
ATISH PAUNIKAR 24 dagar sedan
Marvel is publishing second part of BLACK PANTHER War For Wakanda 👍👍👍
feel free
feel free 24 dagar sedan
bwesit scam
Gowthaman Ambikapathi
Gowthaman Ambikapathi 24 dagar sedan
congrs near 16 milion subs
Prakashhpr Prakashhpr
Prakashhpr Prakashhpr 24 dagar sedan
Miss you so 😫😩
Sohely Parvin
Sohely Parvin 24 dagar sedan
rob Kemp
rob Kemp 24 dagar sedan
I really enjoyed volume 3 (I prefer waiting for hardbacks) can't wait to read the rest
you know nothing jon snowden
you know nothing jon snowden 24 dagar sedan
Cool trailer bro. Now i just wish the BP comics themselves were action packed and weren’t tons of incoherent world-building gobbledyguck paragraphs that are a slog to read. Acuna’s art isn’t as dynamic as it is beautiful, and Coates’ writing isnt exactly enthralling as Entertainment Weekly would like to say it is.
you know nothing jon snowden
you know nothing jon snowden 24 dagar sedan
480,000 views (From MCU fans who wont buy a comic)
Easter_Sunday Grey_Man
Easter_Sunday Grey_Man 25 dagar sedan
T’’Challa’s sister should inherit the mantle.
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 24 dagar sedan
Rao Bilal
Rao Bilal 25 dagar sedan
Black panther will be reworked in mff hahaga
gaming with tro
gaming with tro 25 dagar sedan
iron man is bast
Isidore Branham
Isidore Branham 25 dagar sedan
Hudlin had the best run!!!
Mithilesh Das
Mithilesh Das 25 dagar sedan
maggmaxxx 25 dagar sedan
Got a comic shop right down the street and I’m ready!!!!!!!!!
Mohamad Sami
Mohamad Sami 25 dagar sedan
Commenting for the algorithm!
Renz Bautista Guntiñas
Renz Bautista Guntiñas 25 dagar sedan
The Superior SpyderDan
The Superior SpyderDan 25 dagar sedan
Ta-Nehisi’s writing is horrible, I really don’t understand how he keeps getting work.
Raju Olakiya
Raju Olakiya 25 dagar sedan
Wakanda forever 🙏
Issie wizzie
Issie wizzie 25 dagar sedan
marvel please give black panther animation .....I'll take that anyway
Yes Man
Yes Man 25 dagar sedan
Click Bait
BlooFairy 24 dagar sedan
Vasudev Yadav
Vasudev Yadav 25 dagar sedan
loki Brother, you saved my life, I will pray . . . . . . . . . . 😊
Vasudev Yadav
Vasudev Yadav 25 dagar sedan
My eyes are closed son . . . . . . . . . . 😊
Kristoff Nachnamen
Kristoff Nachnamen 25 dagar sedan
I haven't read any of this series. Should I wait and get the omnibus?
Terry S.
Terry S. 25 dagar sedan
Ah, you mean a bad run of a comic that is going to do poorly, have its sales plummet, and have store owners absolutely hate Marvel's need to prop up shitstains like Ta-Nehisi Coates? Truly what was required in life.
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 25 dagar sedan
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 24 dagar sedan
@I Like to eat the food after i drink the water RECAST T"CHALLA !
I Like to eat the food after i drink the water
I Like to eat the food after i drink the water 24 dagar sedan
They already said they’re not and have a little respect
TK 25 dagar sedan
RIP Chadwick Boseman.
HTown Boss
HTown Boss 25 dagar sedan
Emperor T'challa Ruler of planet Bast
SmallBob 25 dagar sedan
yo how is this out if black panther 2 didn’t come out yet. marvel is really great at making stuff for the future of the mcu
SmallBob 25 dagar sedan
@Dylan Cardoza nah bro it’s obvious that this is the 25th movie
Dylan Cardoza
Dylan Cardoza 25 dagar sedan
dunjrenk pake K
dunjrenk pake K 25 dagar sedan
We need more
_ 25 dagar sedan
Wakanda forever
Amazing_Bren 25 dagar sedan
R.I.P. Chadwick.
The Ava Stark
The Ava Stark 25 dagar sedan
Ay we need some diversity move wakanda to Arabia and make him brown panther, Egypt loves cats
ManovSteelo 25 dagar sedan
Love Mr. Coates' expository writing on the National scene but he just didn't get it done on BP -- with any issue. TERRIBLE pacing, WEAK action and battles, and stories that seemingly stretched into infinity ... and beyond, only to be resolved by a simple solution or occurrence that was definitely underwhelming. This last "Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda" (woefully) extended arc is absolutely brilliant in its metaphors, chief among them the Maroon colonies found in the history of the African diaspora, but the execution of said arc was absolutely horrible. That said, without him, the BP film of the same name would have been a shell of its considerably formidable self; Coates truly Africanized Wakanda with an authentic nomenclature and cultural ethos/worldview that was definitely wanting in the prior iterations of the BP comic -- and for that alone, he definitely earns my Respect. Not expecting much from John Ridley's upcoming run, either, so will probably give him the similar courtesy afforded Coates in purchasing the first issue hot-off-the-presses and seeing where things stand after that. For a great look at BP as set within the universe Coates has constructed, be sure to check out Evan Narcisse's fabulous 6-episode arc, "Rise of the Black Panther", the prequel to Coates' stuff and the best "modern" BP arc I have read, by far, anywhere. ¡Excelsior!
BGMI 25 dagar sedan
Where is iron man
书豪 杨
书豪 杨 25 dagar sedan
wakanda forever
DJSiQRiQ 25 dagar sedan
"Clean your room" - Red Skull
Austin George
Austin George 23 dagar sedan
Not for these mostly 13 yrs old audience
Pratham Narang
Pratham Narang 25 dagar sedan
DC has been doing it since ages
Dor Carmeli
Dor Carmeli 25 dagar sedan
We all thought…
Said Khidir
Said Khidir 25 dagar sedan
I can't find a single comment that talks about black panther marrying storm.
joseph mathew
joseph mathew 25 dagar sedan
I heard a rumour that next Black Panther is going to be Shuri😃 🤮
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 24 dagar sedan
MARVEL Comics Shuri has held the mantle of Black Panther. That said, since T'Challa wont be recast, expect Shuri to become the next Black Panther, and Queen of Wakanda in MARVEL Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.
JAGAN _P_RAM 25 dagar sedan
Wakanda forever ..........KING T'CHAKA
jackson bollacks
jackson bollacks 25 dagar sedan
RIP Chadwick Boseman aka King
J 25 dagar sedan
Is he f**king storm??
Aryan Karfa
Aryan Karfa 25 dagar sedan
I have a Question can Tony Create or Make any Armour to defeat Superman and His whole Series like Cosmic armor and Prime one million... Ik Tony is smartest guy in MCU Can be make it 😍❤️
Sweta Sinha
Sweta Sinha 25 dagar sedan
thought this was movie trailer lol
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire 25 dagar sedan
Not everything marvel related is a movie.
Aruna Kalyankar
Aruna Kalyankar 25 dagar sedan
We need iron man back means not tony stark but in the place his daughter or shuri in his place
I Like to eat the food after i drink the water
I Like to eat the food after i drink the water 24 dagar sedan
You can’t just ask for a character that died in a movie to come back, if they bring him back why did they even kill him off in the first place it would ruin the entire moment
Channel for Fun
Channel for Fun 25 dagar sedan
Not everything Marvel related must be MCU
Ethan Dreiz Baltazar
Ethan Dreiz Baltazar 25 dagar sedan
Bro there is no corners in the world, its a sphere... LMAOOOOO
purpdrankpapii 25 dagar sedan
I gotta start reading comics smh
Arachknight 24 dagar sedan
They are the best and where most MCU ideas come from to begin with
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire 25 dagar sedan
Yes they are great
Syamala sharma
Syamala sharma 25 dagar sedan
What if black panther get infectedby venom we can't even recognize
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