Dad Jokes Featurette | Marvel Studios’ Black Widow

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David Harbour + Dad Jokes = 😂 Marvel Studios' “Black Widow” is now available for tickets and pre-orders. Experience it July 9.

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Rishabh Sharma
Rishabh Sharma 6 timmar sedan
Scarlett was like : I am suing Disney after this
Chiarazero8 Dag sedan
Not gonna lie, the first one actually made me laugh. But mostly I laughed at Scarlett's faces throughout the whole video.
Mariss 2 dagar sedan
omg their both so short 😅
Sarrah A
Sarrah A 4 dagar sedan
Florence laugh is everything 😂
blathnait Calgie
blathnait Calgie 4 dagar sedan
Zackary DeCicco
Zackary DeCicco 4 dagar sedan
I love the fact that Scarlett is trying so hard not to burst out laughing.
Enigma 1747
Enigma 1747 4 dagar sedan
David enjoyed that way too much
kim kim
kim kim 5 dagar sedan
He give me Phil dunphy vibe
Jimmy Quach
Jimmy Quach 5 dagar sedan
well i didn't want to watch this movie but now i do
Neljoshie 5 dagar sedan
welp, I just really laughed at all of them smh
Emi 7 dagar sedan
Crazy buggers
frvshmdia 7 dagar sedan
david’s bad dad jokes omg this is cringe
JV Strats
JV Strats 7 dagar sedan
1:07 David's own amusement LOL
JV Strats
JV Strats 7 dagar sedan
*Florence laughing at dad jokes makes her perfect in every way possible*
Pelotudo47 8 dagar sedan
the fact that Florence liked the dad jokes only makes her even more awesome
LionsPride 8 dagar sedan
I like to see how Scarlett react to the jokes - she wasn’t amused - especially the one on Clint Barton’s brother 😆 the look on her face
Babs Grayson
Babs Grayson 9 dagar sedan
They're like an actual family! Yelena/Florence is the youngest and the daddy's little girl so she always laughs. Nat/Scarlett is the oldest and does not find it amusing.
Fire 9 dagar sedan
“I don’t even have to read em from the book, I know em”😭💀
kocakafa 9 dagar sedan
This video is better than the movie.
Theresa Girl
Theresa Girl 10 dagar sedan
al3st0r 11 dagar sedan
Scarlett is like i’m just here so I don’t get fined.
Giorgos Lolos
Giorgos Lolos 11 dagar sedan
Better jokes than the ones in Marvel movies
Aaron O'neil
Aaron O'neil 11 dagar sedan
I love Florence Pugh so much. So happy she's taking over the Black Widow mantle.
feyisara johnson
feyisara johnson 11 dagar sedan
was i the only one who laughed at the canadian one
C.R. Asher
C.R. Asher 12 dagar sedan
This was the best ad for the movie. I'm in.
Steven Hoerger
Steven Hoerger 12 dagar sedan
Κωστής 12 dagar sedan
This was more enjoyable than Black Widow movie.
Ozair Rahman
Ozair Rahman 12 dagar sedan
these jokes are terrible
RahuL C
RahuL C 12 dagar sedan
I still see a dad and his two daughters 💙❤
Kiya Lee Levy Runaya
Kiya Lee Levy Runaya 13 dagar sedan
Dad jokes featurette? So, they're doing a bit about the entire MCU?
THN 13 dagar sedan
wait the russian accent was not real?
Rizqi Capt
Rizqi Capt 13 dagar sedan
imagine red guardian was a chief
Lemniscate Fortune Can Finally Chill
Lemniscate Fortune Can Finally Chill 13 dagar sedan
Dadsplaining Dad jokes: ugh. I like the pry, mate one too. Too on the nose but just my still.
Man From The Moon
Man From The Moon 13 dagar sedan
I feel bad for Scarlett XD
anicka lastikova
anicka lastikova 14 dagar sedan
Scarlett looks like shes being held there
Sharath Donepudi
Sharath Donepudi 14 dagar sedan
Clint Fartin was right there. You had your chance and you missed it.
Ravi Agarwal
Ravi Agarwal 14 dagar sedan
África Martínez
África Martínez 14 dagar sedan
They are literally like their characters
S S 14 dagar sedan
I’m Dead After Listening “HawkNose”
christian schulz
christian schulz 14 dagar sedan
the movie sucks
Blagoi Filev
Blagoi Filev 15 dagar sedan
Major Phil Dunphy vibes, I love it
Chris Joker
Chris Joker 15 dagar sedan
SkyProtonFood 15 dagar sedan
honestly i enjoyed this, but the best Marvel featurette will always be the one for Ant-Man where Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd are just straight up hamboning, while Michael just intensely yells "Ants!" and looks dead straight at the camera.
Andy Robertson
Andy Robertson 15 dagar sedan
The disastrous camp comprehensively warm because wilderness demographically spoil along a superb impulse. pleasant, wealthy bongo
William Abaiz
William Abaiz 15 dagar sedan
Maybe Scarlett thinking this dad joke thing is "You Laugh You Lose" in the end so she needs to be serious.
Kaizo Gaia
Kaizo Gaia 15 dagar sedan
Can't tell if they are acting or nothing
A R.
A R. 15 dagar sedan
I wanna squeeze them
195 Studio
195 Studio 15 dagar sedan
1:14 just Yelena being Daddy's girl XD
BoostMilo 15 dagar sedan
zach braff is as old as david
Chad Gaming
Chad Gaming 15 dagar sedan
Scarlett Johansson was like she was doing a try not to laugh challenge, she wanted to, but she couldn’t!😂 I got some of the jokes, the Black Widow one obviously, Hawknose for Hawkeye,😂 and the double agent one!
Sylvain.H (Blurry Basketball Sneakers)
Sylvain.H (Blurry Basketball Sneakers) 15 dagar sedan
"Why are we still here? Just to suffer?"
Benny Wah
Benny Wah 15 dagar sedan
English is my second language and I don't get the Canadian Spy joke. Can anyone explain it to me? Thanks
nerdywilliams 16 dagar sedan
Love it or not, this gives you a great 1:1 on the actual tone of the movie and what to expect
Ehren Sixon
Ehren Sixon 16 dagar sedan
I'm laughing because Florence is laughing.
Depressed 9Gagger
Depressed 9Gagger 16 dagar sedan
This was basically the movie, goofy jokes
Cornetto MSc
Cornetto MSc 16 dagar sedan
Some of them were not bad at all 😂
AJ 16 dagar sedan
I liked the second one
only the truth
only the truth 16 dagar sedan
Florence would of been even more attractive if she actually had they accent she had in the movie
Gamemediafan 17
Gamemediafan 17 16 dagar sedan
Seems to be on the same wavelength as thr actual film's humor.
Mr Jones
Mr Jones 16 dagar sedan
No amount of overblown female empowerment can cover up the fact the women in these films at 4 foot tall. Or David is just 7 foot tall.
Mr Jones
Mr Jones 16 dagar sedan
@Gyorkland You can't see if they have heels on and looking at their height I suspect they are in flats. It's true the cinema screen really can make dwarfs look bigger than they are😄
Gyorkland 16 dagar sedan
Internet says he's 6¨3 girls are like 5"3 the size difference seems about right considering high heels as well.
Ryan G
Ryan G 17 dagar sedan
Hey David! If the cow says "moo" and the dog says "woof", what does the squid say? "What's Kraken!?"
Jeron Cradle
Jeron Cradle 17 dagar sedan
Scarlet now laughing, is what makes it so funny. Pugh trying not too but failing, is what makes it so funny. Harbour explaining the jokes ON PURPOSE, is what makes it so funny. Wish Rachel Weisz was here also, I want more of this family.
double dark
double dark 17 dagar sedan
are they finally acknowledging barney barton's existence
The Greatest Minds In History
The Greatest Minds In History 17 dagar sedan
Fun fact: Scarlett called her agent after this
Belle M
Belle M 17 dagar sedan
HIGHTS 17 dagar sedan
LMAOOOO gotta love David and Florence of course
MAJORIS 17 dagar sedan
David Harbour Really good actor......are u alive in stranger things??!?!?
Shahzaib Murad
Shahzaib Murad 17 dagar sedan
better than the jokes in the movie
TopFlightSecurity415 17 dagar sedan
you can tell scarlet is over this lol she ready to move on from marvel
Muzammil Iqbal
Muzammil Iqbal 17 dagar sedan
David Harbour's personality is nothing short of Phil Dunphy
ArtbyArnab 17 dagar sedan
this is so awkward !!!!!! even to watch
Gyorkland 16 dagar sedan
That's the point.
djpegao 17 dagar sedan
The sneaker one is such a tier S dad joke.
mori mori
mori mori 18 dagar sedan
this is in character of them
Rahul Mahesh
Rahul Mahesh 18 dagar sedan
He actually looks like Phil from modern family but older lol Loved this movie especially Yelena ❤️
Adriyanti 18 dagar sedan
This is so bad makes me wanna laugh🤣
Joseph Wong
Joseph Wong 18 dagar sedan
Elder and younger sister mood LOL.
Philippe De Fague
Philippe De Fague 18 dagar sedan
If Dad jokes are unfunny then what are female comedians?
Apple Pie
Apple Pie 18 dagar sedan
Evan Carney
Evan Carney 18 dagar sedan
these two are thick
Lyonel Louis-Charles
Lyonel Louis-Charles 18 dagar sedan
The movie was good but I personally didn’t like what Marvel did to Taskmaster. Marvel completely dropped the ball on that and missed a huge opportunity to set him up as a mercenary that could make appearances in future movies and Disney plus series as a hired gun working for future villains or crime bosses. He could appeared in Captain America 4 or future Spider-Man films, future Antman films. Marvel could have saved Taskmaster and just made Dreykov’s daughter Iron Maiden instead. Put her in the Iron Maiden armor since it would make sense she’d be hiding her disfigured face and the armor would help sustain her life. I’m a big Taskmaster fan and this was a huge miss and complete waste of an interesting character like Tony Masters aka Taskmaster.
Sean Lann
Sean Lann 18 dagar sedan
El(with her power intacted) vs Yelena and Natasha Which side would win?
NO name
NO name 18 dagar sedan
its obvious yalena likes the father more ...hehe
Antonny 18 dagar sedan
Imão, OMG!
Iam_ALEX WHAT_ 18 dagar sedan
AAyyyeee That last one was Good!!!!
Avi Chetri
Avi Chetri 18 dagar sedan
David @0:50: Scarlet look at me...look at me. Scarlet: (👁️_👁️) David: You're not looking at me.
ᴍɪss ᴛʟs
ᴍɪss ᴛʟs 19 dagar sedan
David: trying so hard to make them laugh Florence: awkwardly giggling Scarlett: why am I here
Saurabh Sharma
Saurabh Sharma 19 dagar sedan
Scarlett is having none of it and I love that.
Liam Loxley
Liam Loxley 19 dagar sedan
This just seemed really awkward, just like their acting in the movie.
전성인 19 dagar sedan
슴 수술을 받았어도 여전히 미사일이네
isabel felix
isabel felix 19 dagar sedan
I love them
Trisha Gaming
Trisha Gaming 19 dagar sedan
Thanks for the upload
eh_miiee 19 dagar sedan
Well, he is also Elevens dad, kinda.
Lord Leo
Lord Leo 19 dagar sedan
0:26 (shuri voice) snee-kaz
sumedh kapse
sumedh kapse 19 dagar sedan
They are all lined by 10 year age difference
Elena Markopoulou
Elena Markopoulou 19 dagar sedan
Clint FARTon, i mean it was rightt there
Luke Cacho
Luke Cacho 19 dagar sedan
This was absolutely awful😌✨
Patrick Maclan
Patrick Maclan 19 dagar sedan
David putting all his breath on those "H" words right into Scarlett's ear. I know his breath was probably kicking that day.
Mathieu Torres
Mathieu Torres 19 dagar sedan
Scarlett seemed rude here.
Avi Chetri
Avi Chetri 18 dagar sedan
I think she's playing well with the dad jokes. Someone's going to have to be the straight-man in a comedy bit.
JUST MERIT 19 dagar sedan
Fun fact : In Stranger things the Russian Dr. Name was Alexie. And David Harbor name is also Alexie...
Joy L
Joy L 19 dagar sedan
Well that was incredibly cringe. Yikes.
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