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The clock is ticking ⏰ Marvel Studios' “Loki” arrives in three weeks with new episodes every Wednesday starting June 9 on Disney+.

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Raven Raynefall
Raven Raynefall Timme sedan
I'm a Celtic/Norse Pagan. Loki is one of my Gods & for Disney to try and COPYRIGHT my GOD is beyond disguising and disrespectful! This is my RELIGION as a lot of other people. This is like COPYRIGHTING the Christian God. Disguising, RIGHT? I am BOYCOTTING EVERYTHING Disney.
F O X 7 timmar sedan
Ai Likhon
Ai Likhon 11 timmar sedan
Is that Margot Robbie?
Keyblademaster Sora
Keyblademaster Sora 21 timme sedan
I don't get why they gave her a southern accent she just a clock a accent would only make sense if she was a specific type of clock like cuckoo or something a long those lines
Aaven Awesome
Aaven Awesome 22 timmar sedan
It tara strong!!!!!
William ln
William ln Dag sedan
Tara strong s2
DEOLEN BLANCO 2 dagar sedan
That voice sounds delicious
Terra 2 dagar sedan
Never thought I would hear a cheerful southern Twilight Sparkle clock teach me about people messing up timelines…
joshua areta
joshua areta 2 timmar sedan
I'm guessing Starlight has already been here after season 5 finale.
Kyle Juzlee
Kyle Juzlee 3 dagar sedan
Totally Tara Strong❤
Lucky Lucy
Lucky Lucy 3 dagar sedan
Mobius is the variant.
Lucky Lucy
Lucky Lucy 3 dagar sedan
Mobius is Loki
Nicolás Corti
Nicolás Corti 3 dagar sedan
0:39 are they Sophia di Martino and Jack Veal? 😬
Sean Rade
Sean Rade 4 dagar sedan
Mrs. Minutes gives off the nice-at-first-but-turns-into-a-jackass teacher vibes
Surayaa 4 dagar sedan
I just can't unhear Twilight
Doc Lombardi
Doc Lombardi 4 dagar sedan
It's Twilight Sparkle imitating Applejack 😁😍
Trisha 4 dagar sedan
Dhanush K
Dhanush K 4 dagar sedan
We need tamil dubbed. We all are support marvel community👍
Nn. Park
Nn. Park 4 dagar sedan
Loves her voice ♡
Cometboi Fever
Cometboi Fever 4 dagar sedan
I love Tara 😭
AL C 4 dagar sedan
For some reason I thought they got dolly parton to voice miss minutes. But Tara strong is equally exciting
Shadow Spector
Shadow Spector 5 dagar sedan
Sounds like Twilight Sparkle got a better job.
Kool Beans
Kool Beans 5 dagar sedan
The first two episodes are freaking amazing and I’m excited to see more.
NRF3703 6 dagar sedan
She sounds like Millie from Helluva Boss, lol. (I know she's voiced by Tara Strong, I'm just saying...)
boneless books
boneless books 6 dagar sedan
0:11 is just straight up fan service lol
NyteMyre 6 dagar sedan
I usually don't recognize voice actors, but i recognized Tara Strong immediately
Super Cool Stars World Universe
Super Cool Stars World Universe 6 dagar sedan
Oh Man Twilight Sparkle Is In Show
차씨연예인을대보자 7 dagar sedan
I love that voice
MD MUSIXZ 7 dagar sedan
Loki Tamil duded
Celex YT
Celex YT 8 dagar sedan
"Do I get a weapon?" "You're up" "ABSOLUTELY NOT"
SuperSonicWarrior93 8 dagar sedan
That voice for this Miss Minutes character sounds quite familiar.
Markereeni CH
Markereeni CH 8 dagar sedan
I already hear Twilight in first 1 seconds
Discord Chaos
Discord Chaos 8 dagar sedan
*Yep that's twilight sparkle*
CompactRacerBoi 8 dagar sedan
First we have Lightning McQueen in this series, now we have Twilight Sparkle.... Who's next, the Terminator?
Kolu's Adventures and Gaming
Kolu's Adventures and Gaming 4 dagar sedan
Let me guess, Thor? He might experience the TVA more.
muhammad fawwaz abhinaya
muhammad fawwaz abhinaya 7 dagar sedan
or maybe Remy ( Patton Oswalt)
megapokekid1 9 dagar sedan
It sounds like Tara is doing a southern Twilight impression.
Kolu's Adventures and Gaming
Kolu's Adventures and Gaming 4 dagar sedan
Tell me about it, sometime I feel like she's everywhere.
Firya 9 dagar sedan
Aravindhan Aravindhan
Aravindhan Aravindhan 9 dagar sedan
Please upload the loki series tamil dubbed
Thive Roshan
Thive Roshan 7 dagar sedan
on disney plus
Thive Roshan
Thive Roshan 7 dagar sedan
no go watch it
Rodrigo Cisneros
Rodrigo Cisneros 10 dagar sedan
Tara Strong is the voice of miss minutes,someone better impossible
Rex gaming
Rex gaming 10 dagar sedan
Pls dubbing in tamil language
Suriya.j IX a2 【3321】
Suriya.j IX a2 【3321】 10 dagar sedan
Please realise Loki in tamil 😭
Dark Factory
Dark Factory 10 dagar sedan
Miss Minutes clip reminds me of Fallout
Bat Knight Channel
Bat Knight Channel 10 dagar sedan
Love to hear Tara Strong's incredible voice,finally in MCU.
Kolu's Adventures and Gaming
Kolu's Adventures and Gaming 4 dagar sedan
I gotta say, she's everywhere and I can't explain why I'm enjoying this.
ramdelure 10 dagar sedan
She did many voices Marvel Animation like Scarlet Witch, Mary Jane Watson and Typhoid Mary
Omkar Bhaskare
Omkar Bhaskare 10 dagar sedan
Trusting Loki 🤣🤣😂😂 God of mischief make u believe him
arun kumar
arun kumar 10 dagar sedan
Please Tamil dubbed release
arun kumar
arun kumar 10 dagar sedan
Please Tamil dubbed
Ramiz Ahmed
Ramiz Ahmed 11 dagar sedan
When you realize Miss Minutes voice actor also played Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham
ramdelure 10 dagar sedan
Idiot, don't mention DC crap, what about Scarlet Witch in Super Hero Squad, both the show and videogames?
TheBrainandBrawn 11 dagar sedan
And here's where bronies start calling her "Twilightjack" I presume.
muhammad fawwaz abhinaya
muhammad fawwaz abhinaya 7 dagar sedan
Peaceful Dusk
Peaceful Dusk 11 dagar sedan
fallout vibes with her plus twiight sparkle with a southern accent.
Bendy 10 dagar sedan
That's because they have the same actress
Not The City HQ
Not The City HQ 11 dagar sedan
Miss Minutes is that bish
Abdul Rasheed
Abdul Rasheed 11 dagar sedan
Tamil dubbing pls
Padma M
Padma M 11 dagar sedan
Please put tamil dubbing 😩😭😭😭😭😩😭😭
arun kumar
arun kumar 11 dagar sedan
Tamil dubbed please Disney Plus hotstar
Souvik Roy
Souvik Roy 11 dagar sedan
Watched the 1st episode. became a big fan of loki (The God of Mischief) ....but 1 thing i dont understand those infinity stones in the drawer was from different timeline right..many variant has broken the time barrier as a result caught by time keepers an kept the remaining in the drawer..i guess thanos snap will not work inside the time keepers world...That place is totally immune from any infinity stone effect..I dying to know about the soul stone, though there is not much information about vormir and the "soul stone" and its power.. Please tell us more about the soul stone.
jared harris
jared harris 11 dagar sedan
They make Loki fix the timeline he screwed up but cap screwed things up by not coming back when he was supposed to after returning stones ?
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee 11 dagar sedan
The voice is…Ms Tara Strong
twist58 11 dagar sedan
Looks like Twilight Sparkle sensed a disturbance in the time stream once again.
joshua areta
joshua areta Timme sedan
Twilight to Starlight: On behalf of the Council of friendship, you are hereby arrested.
Gola245 11 dagar sedan
And now she’s out there giving time laws while imitating Applejack
Layne S.
Layne S. 11 dagar sedan
alexandre beriault
alexandre beriault 12 dagar sedan
D'you guys know Miss Minutes is voiced by Tara Strong?! I SWEAR I'm not making that up!
Kolu's Adventures and Gaming
Kolu's Adventures and Gaming 4 dagar sedan
Yes. Credits says so.
El Rangeloide
El Rangeloide 12 dagar sedan
Rule 34?
Perumal Kumar
Perumal Kumar 12 dagar sedan
We all went tamil dubbed loki episode
FlyN Saucer
FlyN Saucer 12 dagar sedan
Time travel🙄 again... again... again...😞 Poor Tom, this can't help his career.
T Espy
T Espy 12 dagar sedan
Wow...Loki epi 1 sucks. Dear God. smh
Brendon Harrison
Brendon Harrison 12 dagar sedan
Tony Wojtowych
Tony Wojtowych 12 dagar sedan
lol as soon as I heard the voice I was like, hey sounds like Twilight sparkle :D
Tony Wojtowych
Tony Wojtowych 11 dagar sedan
@muhammad fawwaz abhinaya yes I know... But'! it's just when i heard the voice, Twilight just popped into my head lol
muhammad fawwaz abhinaya
muhammad fawwaz abhinaya 11 dagar sedan
Tara Strong
Jordon Vazquez
Jordon Vazquez 12 dagar sedan
Tara Strong is a true VIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Vocally Ingenious Person)
Kolu's Adventures and Gaming
Kolu's Adventures and Gaming 4 dagar sedan
Nice one, Jordon.
Skye Brianna
Skye Brianna 12 dagar sedan
so is no one going to talk about how miss minutes is twilight sparkle?
ramdelure 11 dagar sedan
@muhammad fawwaz abhinaya Idiot, what about Scarlet Witch or Mary Jane Watson, don't mention DC crap
muhammad fawwaz abhinaya
muhammad fawwaz abhinaya 11 dagar sedan
or Raven
The One Man Who Beat You
The One Man Who Beat You 12 dagar sedan
Tara Strong?
Timothy Hawkins
Timothy Hawkins 12 dagar sedan
FlyingMitch 12 dagar sedan
Is that Tara Strongs voice as miss minutes
spidy man
spidy man 12 dagar sedan
Does anyone else just hear millie
Michael Raj.K
Michael Raj.K 12 dagar sedan
tamil dubbed pls
RV kids Madurai
RV kids Madurai 12 dagar sedan
loki trailer tamil
OHEAL 12 dagar sedan
We want tamil
S.DHWARAKESH DHOR1 12 dagar sedan
We need in tamil please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
J.D. Monat
J.D. Monat 12 dagar sedan
Tara Strong has invaded the MCU!
Mario and shadow Puppets
Mario and shadow Puppets 12 dagar sedan
Plot twist Miss minutes is the big bad
Avery Merrick
Avery Merrick 13 dagar sedan
Miss Minutes is voiced by Tara Strong.
Angel Herrera
Angel Herrera 13 dagar sedan
So that’s what happened to DB Cooper
chicken nugget
chicken nugget 13 dagar sedan
is that tara strong voicing miss minutes?? I swear I can recognize her voice lol
User Dead
User Dead 12 dagar sedan
Zach D
Zach D 13 dagar sedan
william merwin
william merwin 13 dagar sedan
There's a time and a place for mucking around
Andrew Hager
Andrew Hager 13 dagar sedan
I can’t believe Tara Strong’s playing the voice of Miss Minutes!! Isn’t that awesome?!
PatZalatoris 13 dagar sedan
Now this whole loki plotline is something I can get into like wandavision!
Raul Alcantar
Raul Alcantar 13 dagar sedan
When you realized that Tara strong is the voice of miss minutes
ithrirsh2021 ithrirsh
ithrirsh2021 ithrirsh 13 dagar sedan
Loki series tamil dubbed trailer
Aliece Charboneau
Aliece Charboneau 13 dagar sedan
Marcus Hamner
Marcus Hamner 13 dagar sedan
“I said KNEEL”!- Loki💚👊🏾 Loki drops tomorrow! Let’s GO!
Thomas Powers
Thomas Powers 13 dagar sedan
Thank god the hulk took the stairs
Zain Ahmed
Zain Ahmed 13 dagar sedan
Loki: Now hang on just a minute! TVA: That's our line!
EXTREEEEME!!!!!! 13 dagar sedan
WandaVision : 400. FWS : 500. Loki : 1000.
matthew gumball
matthew gumball 13 dagar sedan
Tara Strong, is that you?
C-MC Official
C-MC Official 13 dagar sedan
she is
Shane Aycock
Shane Aycock 13 dagar sedan
That HAS to be Tara Strong playing Minutes! It has to be her!
C-MC Official
C-MC Official 13 dagar sedan
it is
PlagueDoctr 14 dagar sedan
Loki Arthur
Loki Arthur 14 dagar sedan
its me again
Lightning Penguin
Lightning Penguin 14 dagar sedan
0:49 Who knows how many people she saved that day.
Sriranjani Jayaprakash
Sriranjani Jayaprakash 14 dagar sedan
Loki is the God of Chaos, I mean what did you expect?
C-MC Official
C-MC Official 13 dagar sedan
God of Mischief *
THANOS 14 dagar sedan
James R. Barnett
James R. Barnett 14 dagar sedan
Is that Tara strong?
Sean 14 dagar sedan
Can't wait
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 14 dagar sedan
He is the best actor in mcu .. no one is even close
joaquin valeri
joaquin valeri 15 dagar sedan
And don't respect 2022 becasue they will host the fifa world cup
joaquin valeri
joaquin valeri 15 dagar sedan
And your guys will ruin 2021 for weeks!
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