Ready Set Action Featurette | Marvel Studios’ Black Widow

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Her story. Her secrets 🕷 Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow” tickets and pre-orders available now. Experience it July 9.

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IM TRIGGERED 2 dagar sedan
"im done running from my past" 1 movies later "I'm done having a future"
Brandon Camarillo
Brandon Camarillo 24 dagar sedan
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 26 dagar sedan
you mean budapesht?
권순모 Månad sedan
when are entrants come and spider man Sequel. and doctor strange Sequel.
Conner Benson
Conner Benson Månad sedan
Black Widow is awesome superhero an avenger ever
gost max
gost max Månad sedan
1:25 Is that angel ?!
AssaultXpro Månad sedan
This is the most awaited marvel movie. Agreee!!!
Marvelfan_Nat Månad sedan
that's a lot
that's a lot Månad sedan
I was really happy to see rachel weisz in MCU, as a kid i loved her character Evelyn from the Mummy.
Karolina Månad sedan
You know that thing is happening in Russia when you see a tank on the street and people around aren’t even suprised
Henry Kuhn
Henry Kuhn Månad sedan
10 years of Black Widow in the MCU, she finally gotta get her own story and movie! 🕷️
Tungish GN
Tungish GN Månad sedan
It's Showtime
Arslan Fayyaz
Arslan Fayyaz Månad sedan
guys i think she’s gonna sacrifice herself in this movie. it’ll be really sad to see😢
mehul malpani
mehul malpani Månad sedan
Bring Rachel Weisz as a lead character. Or at least keep her alive till the end of the movie. Will love to see more screen time of Rachel.
William Smith
William Smith Månad sedan
Natasha's my favorite fictional character and my favorite marvel comic book character looking forward to this film.
William Smith
William Smith Månad sedan
We should have gotten a black widow movie back in 2011 right before The Avengers camr out in movie theaters. Natasha's best character in marvel comic books and marvel movies.
William Smith
William Smith Månad sedan
@uncanny dcmarvelous who's that ?
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Månad sedan
Back then they couldn't because of Ike Perlmutter.
William Smith
William Smith Månad sedan
She's soooooooooooo stunning
Arbaz Khan
Arbaz Khan Månad sedan
"I'm done running from my past" starts flying instead 1:44
The One and Only Peacemaker
The One and Only Peacemaker Månad sedan
Looks better than FATWS. FATWS was more like a FAT WASTE OF TIME
Brittany Wilson Arts
Brittany Wilson Arts Månad sedan
look all I need is an answer this still doesn't explain why she died in endgame if is she is going to have a movie after endgame it doesn't I'm still trying to figure it out I still need answer
szewei1985 Månad sedan
@Brittany Wilson Arts probably last hurrah hahahaha
Brittany Wilson Arts
Brittany Wilson Arts Månad sedan
@uncanny dcmarvelous but will she ever have any movies after this that what I wanna know is this her last movie in the MCU
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Månad sedan
This movie is a prequel, set after Civil War and before Infinity War.
쥐성니어머니 Månad sedan
YASS My Queen is finally able to write her own story!!
Taylór Månad sedan
Nicholas Rogers
Nicholas Rogers Månad sedan
this widow is nice lookin not the other widow eight legs teeth
sadie Rainbolt
sadie Rainbolt Månad sedan
Nivram Nuqui
Nivram Nuqui Månad sedan
so this is what natasha and clint is talking about budapest thing
Anoneemus Noename
Anoneemus Noename Månad sedan
Any comments with the hashtag canceldi5neyplu5 or the word "boyco77" are automatically scrubbed btw. They are on damage control
James F
James F Månad sedan
The enormous cyclone singly prick because pen neuroanatomically coil above a simple soup. agonizing, noisy bull
Oscar Ruelas
Oscar Ruelas Månad sedan
This movie mis a few years late but I’m still eager to watch.
Mateus Ferraz
Mateus Ferraz Månad sedan
Scarlett 😍😍
Mateus Ferraz
Mateus Ferraz Månad sedan
Kayla Parsons
Kayla Parsons Månad sedan
It's TIME for BLack Widow, this is gonna be awesome
Russian Romanoff
Russian Romanoff Månad sedan
Wanda Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff Månad sedan
1:16 dang! Rachel so badass!!!!
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly Månad sedan
So wow - she put them back in ? I guess she put them back in. Nice
Wes Johnson
Wes Johnson Månad sedan
Jesus loves you 👍😃🌺👍
Faizan khan
Faizan khan Månad sedan
Just stop posting videos. Don't test our patience
Seshadri Raman
Seshadri Raman Månad sedan
We want LOKI series tamil dubbing
sid2006 Månad sedan
@Seshadri Raman there’s no point lol, it’s like barely any Tamil people who watch it, and u can prob find it online if u just search Loki tamil dub
Seshadri Raman
Seshadri Raman Månad sedan
AGENT 47 Månad sedan
sid2006 Månad sedan
Siddharth Desai
Siddharth Desai Månad sedan
The main avengers are the first six(2012), others are average (rs)
Vikas Arjun
Vikas Arjun Månad sedan
Hardik yadav
Hardik yadav Månad sedan
Spoiler-david harbour is task master
plankton Månad sedan
Im not ok i love her
Iman Moshari
Iman Moshari Månad sedan
We've seen half the movie already through these videos.
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore Månad sedan
I'm looking forward to seeing Black Widow Movie
Smita Bhattacharjee
Smita Bhattacharjee Månad sedan
Ugh to get to watch it in theater would have been amazing
Jamief64 Månad sedan
the film isn't even out why are they uploading these
Nasaba Bora
Nasaba Bora Månad sedan
After Infinity War fooled us about Hulk fighting alongside the team, I suspect some of these scenes won't be in the movie.
a grass
a grass Månad sedan
So fine here
Adhira Nair
Adhira Nair Månad sedan
From all the clips that have come out, I end up that this movie is gonna be epic...HOW MANY OF U FEEL THAT?
Dannielle MacDonald
Dannielle MacDonald Månad sedan
Best clips so far!
Matte M_0
Matte M_0 Månad sedan
Xyndeff Taneo
Xyndeff Taneo Månad sedan
Soman Anshuman
Soman Anshuman Månad sedan
In the first 10 seconds, I thought I'm watching trailer for a Rohit Shetty movie.
bashenga the black manta
bashenga the black manta Månad sedan
Captain america the winter soldier, falcon and the winter and black widow those 3 are political /spy thrillers
Sanjai Kumar
Sanjai Kumar Månad sedan
tamil fans put a like
Jordan Kortsen
Jordan Kortsen Månad sedan
just by those little sneak peaks of fights scenes I know it’s gonna be a badass movie
Vasundhara Verma
Vasundhara Verma Månad sedan
1:10 alexei, okay
Olivia Morton
Olivia Morton Månad sedan
why is no one talking about how we get to see her in budapest?? there could be a scene with clint we don't know about. IS THIS WHAT HAPPENED IN BUDAPEST?!?
CW Martins
CW Martins Månad sedan
Scarlett Viúva Negra ❤❤❤
Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.
Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr. Månad sedan
In Loving Memory Of Stan Lee (12/28/1922-11/12/2018)
Hannibal B
Hannibal B Månad sedan
This is easily the hottest MCU film yet I mean, just look at red guardian
Mary Clark
Mary Clark Månad sedan
Is it me or with every marvel trailer there’s some variation of “you’ve never seen anything like this before” or “this has never been done before” etc. ???? I noticed this for Wandavision, The Falcon and Winter Soldier and even Loki and now Black Widow. It’s like a Disney/Marvel must when promoting a project.
Vlenn_ Månad sedan
1:28 why is her sister not moving, why is her sister not moving, why is her sister not moving, why is her sister not moving, why is her sister not moving, why is her sister not moving, WHY IS SHE NOT MOVING.
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Månad sedan
Relax. Yelena will return for the Hawkeye miniseries.
Staria Night
Staria Night Månad sedan
I don't know if it's a coincidence or not. But July 9 is my b-day. So thank you Marvel for setting up my favorite character movie. Going to have so much fun watching.
oooooo Månad sedan
"Budapest all over again?"
Anime Brothers Gaming
Anime Brothers Gaming Månad sedan
hey they filmed the movie in the same country my oldest brother is living in
Hosana Rodrigues
Hosana Rodrigues Månad sedan
anu rudhan
anu rudhan Månad sedan
Trevor Nez
Trevor Nez Månad sedan
Let’s Go! Cate Shortland, what have you created? 😱🤯
anastasia lacoste
anastasia lacoste Månad sedan
Zeal Fork
Zeal Fork Månad sedan
after 1 year ! D
Arushi Chauhan
Arushi Chauhan Månad sedan
And we are done running from the movie 😭 JULY 9 EVERYBODY JULY 9!!
Arushi Chauhan
Arushi Chauhan Månad sedan
Doesn't feel like movie, it feels real ✨
11658 MANNAT BHATIA Månad sedan
TheMasterChief117 Månad sedan
Did scarlets boobs get bigger?? I don’t remember them being this big in recent years
Karolina Månad sedan
You know that thing is happening in Russia when you see a tank on the street and people around aren’t even suprised
Mohammad Adnan
Mohammad Adnan Månad sedan
Yo what up Marvel Entertainment and Black Widow.
Sharick Afroz
Sharick Afroz Månad sedan
'Black Widow' should have been the first female-superhero film in the Marvel Universe. The character deserved it!!
Top 10
Top 10 Månad sedan
Phil Coulson is Trainer
Ninad Sathe
Ninad Sathe Månad sedan
Rachel Weisz!❤️
渡辺祐紀 Månad sedan
Krizql Månad sedan
**sees David** Ok, who messed up the timeline again?! I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT THE TVA IS GONNA CATCH YOU
Bhupendra Månad sedan
It is not all CGI
Sourav Swastik
Sourav Swastik Månad sedan
Finally BUDAPEST!!!!!
Venkatachalam S
Venkatachalam S Månad sedan
Budapest FINALLY
Tej pal
Tej pal Månad sedan
Amezing , must watch
Jen sho
Jen sho Månad sedan
Will we see Hawkeye I hope so
ishanu mandal
ishanu mandal Månad sedan
bruh!! is marvel gonna release all miniclips possible before release date.....i guess first time for everything
Ayyub Zubair
Ayyub Zubair Månad sedan
WTH i saw someone use a shield like Cap do
S K DEY Månad sedan
Theory: Hawkeye is the the Taskmaster.
S K DEY Månad sedan
@uncanny dcmarvelous Oh...ok, I am not a comic book reader.
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Månad sedan
Nope. This movie is set after Civil War and before Infinity War. During that gap, Hawkeye is on house arrest because of helping Cap and escaping the Raft prison. Taskmaster's power is his photographic memory that allows him to copy/mimic anyone's skills, move and use of weapons via facing his targets personally or watching footage of them fighting. That's why he has a shield, bow and arrow, black panther claws in his gauntlets, some Spidey acrobacy and web swinging, and who knows what more.
Akash Mallick
Akash Mallick Månad sedan
Wait few more days, and I will collect all the footage of BLACK WIDOW from Marvel Studios SEmost Channel, you all guys can watch BLACK WIDOW full movie...
Mateus Ferraz
Mateus Ferraz Månad sedan
Quero esse filme pra ontem😍😍😍❤❤🤤🤤
Mateus Ferraz
Mateus Ferraz Månad sedan
Bicha gataaa 🥰🥰🥰🥰😍
Sosoka Månad sedan
"There's some of the most intense fight scenes we've had in the MCU." PERIOD.
Christian Noronha Picoli
Christian Noronha Picoli Månad sedan
lol how are u so sure? anyway I also think that this movie is going to be good
funny gamer official
funny gamer official Månad sedan
Tell me one thing Is it movie or webseries🔥🔥
Oisin Reilly
Oisin Reilly Månad sedan
This looks really good and super badass but does anyone think they're showing way too much?
Josh Loves Movies
Josh Loves Movies Månad sedan
Black Widow’s action will be mindblowing!
Manha Ahmed
Manha Ahmed Månad sedan
i swear ive memorised all the lines from each trailer all ready
Bangtan ARMY
Bangtan ARMY Månad sedan
I have seen so many clips but I am sure when the movie is out I will still have surprises. Can't wait for July 9th!!!
Webflix Månad sedan
Coming soon new actor shuaib Ansari
entertainment and fun
entertainment and fun Månad sedan
I mean The Winter Soldier also had pretty real action scenes.
Доктор Стрэндж
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