“In Pursuit” Film Clip | Marvel Studios’ Black Widow

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Natasha and Yelena: 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ Check out this official clip from Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow” and get tickets or pre-order to experience it July 9. movies.disney.com/black-widow

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Doom Spidey
Doom Spidey 5 dagar sedan
Anyone know the name of the music that plays at 0:54?
Benjamin Bracegirdle
Benjamin Bracegirdle 15 dagar sedan
I could totally see Natasha working with Yelena and Melina Vostokoff to bring down Ward and Hydra. Melina just easily knocks out Gideon Malick, Natasha defeats John Garrett while Yelena Belova battles Ward
The Dark Side
The Dark Side 13 dagar sedan
Even better they teamed up with the agents
Johnleonil mejia
Johnleonil mejia 15 dagar sedan
Is it only me or the logo of the black widow movie is like/looks like the red marking/s of a black widow spider?
Alan Hope
Alan Hope 21 dag sedan
Can’t wait!
Nathan King
Nathan King 24 dagar sedan
This happened before infinity war
18MAT 170
18MAT 170 24 dagar sedan
I want Tamil dubbed movie
Alexander Linnerud
Alexander Linnerud 24 dagar sedan
0:44 she is talking swedish
Sunrise Alex
Sunrise Alex 25 dagar sedan
That scene was cool but sad when The other Widow died :( Natasha was trying to Save them as manny as She could.
Nicole Lawless
Nicole Lawless 13 dagar sedan
God I nearly cried because it reminded me of endgame
Deaden:1000 Swords
Deaden:1000 Swords 25 dagar sedan
0:42 wat is name of ost?
Harsh Venigalla
Harsh Venigalla 26 dagar sedan
So I never knew or wanted know her character but after all these clips I wanted to see it but Marvel decided to not release the movie in Disney+ premium in India so now I have to wait 3 months to watch it on the platform. Marvel just why?
Alicia Murtagh
Alicia Murtagh 26 dagar sedan
Hepburn Hanchard
Hepburn Hanchard 28 dagar sedan
D Pastor
D Pastor Månad sedan
India Wire is reporting that this movie isn't intended for men to see...so, guys, I guess we'll have to skip this one.
Dude Love
Dude Love Månad sedan
Magic Rock 1
Magic Rock 1 Månad sedan
Hey guys remember that black widow solo movie in 2010? Wait.. What? That was Iron Man 2!!??
Alice Ward
Alice Ward Månad sedan
This has got to be my favorite trailer out of the many
Sheev Bac
Sheev Bac Månad sedan
Lmao this looks brutal!!!!! Wow women director hired for absolutely no reason other gender...
0fficial_ic3yy Månad sedan
why couldn’t she just wait till after black widow saved her , then try to kill her again 🙄
Rakel Hanson
Rakel Hanson Månad sedan
Hearing Swedish (my native language) spoken in English movies is always so strange
andrea lombardo
andrea lombardo Månad sedan
Name song?
IBeatMyNutz Månad sedan
Y’all, I might watch this but do you think it’s necessary to watch it or not
F.A.R Månad sedan
Do what you want lol. If you think it's interesting then watch it.
Mr. 007
Mr. 007 Månad sedan
Is her sister Taskmaster?🤔
Johnny Månad sedan
I just can’t get over how they can’t run😬
Berkant Şahin
Berkant Şahin Månad sedan
Jacob Beaver
Jacob Beaver Månad sedan
Very poorly edited and some of the worst cinematography from a Marvel action sequence that I've ever seen.
Tycomac Månad sedan
"I got you", shows Nat is also worthy to lift the Thor's hammer as well, she even sacrificed her life for time stone.
jin lee
jin lee Månad sedan
She did carry it in the comics ^^
Zylice Liddell
Zylice Liddell Månad sedan
Can’t *WAIT!*
Leyvisha Ganasan
Leyvisha Ganasan Månad sedan
I think its great that black widow gets her on movie...personally she is my favourite avenger... eventhough everyone else has powers and suits she still manages to step u to their level even when she has no powers or special suits....and to be honest, she is the only one who is a natural fighter (no hate) i;m just saying...capatin america was strong and could fight bcs of an experiment...he didnt train as much for it....and tony is a genius billionare who designs suits...so the suits are what he uses to fight....hulk...well...you get it he can turn into a massive strong dude.....and thor already as powers and a freaking strong hammer........so there you go..black widow is the only one who really trained the hardest for a role as an avenger...she didnt need a strong armour of an experiment or lightning to help her become an avenger
Tungish GN
Tungish GN Månad sedan
It's Showtime All Is Well It's Showtime
Ali Hussain
Ali Hussain Månad sedan
If you want to know who Task Master is and inside info on other marvel films then check out my twitter page. I’ve written all the inside info there. @mcuinsiderinfo
Shakila Khatun
Shakila Khatun Månad sedan
Marvel will literally release the whole movie in form of these TV spots
DeadlyDeal Månad sedan
this will be never relased only clips FOREVER
A. Joseph Mantilla
A. Joseph Mantilla Månad sedan
1:20 *GORGEOUS!*
Andrew Vega
Andrew Vega Månad sedan
Are we finna talk about how that assassin is actually still alive? (Very ending of the clips she moves her arms)
Old Punjabi Hits
Old Punjabi Hits Månad sedan
widows hunting widows
Darlene Lewis
Darlene Lewis Månad sedan
I'll believe it, when I see it.
muhammad ali
muhammad ali Månad sedan
i think this movie will be the greatest thing in marvel history❤️
Bardii Månad sedan
FICTION Reality Resources
FICTION Reality Resources Månad sedan
This is nothing like Mission Impossible vibe,, I am excited for this..
эзотерика философия наука
эзотерика философия наука Månad sedan
Adrian Does It All!!
Adrian Does It All!! Månad sedan
i don’t think some of y’all realized that marvel is showing the same clips literally from different angles, we’ve barely seen any of the movie.
IXB25UTSAV SINGH Månad sedan
Black widowⁿ × black widow ¹
Dominique Eure
Dominique Eure Månad sedan
The number of cuts in this scene alone tells me this movie's number of cuts will give me a headache
Daniel Millward
Daniel Millward Månad sedan
It's really bad, you can't even tell who's being hit or what the blows even doing to them 😔
Natasha Romanoff
Natasha Romanoff Månad sedan
Bring Aaron Taylor Johnson as Pietro NOT Kraven
Josh Loera
Josh Loera Månad sedan
On some mission impossible type of film
Sky Knight
Sky Knight Månad sedan
Brie Larson, take some lessons from this movie
Shitty my Tits
Shitty my Tits Månad sedan
Cool but Where is the Spider-Man No Way Home trailer?
Yasmin Phillips
Yasmin Phillips Månad sedan
The certain detail laparoscopically talk because cow serologically reply with a somber advice. rotten, unsightly learning
Adam Tamer
Adam Tamer Månad sedan
My big theory that has proof : in this movie Natasha's family will die, all of them. I have 2 reasons the 1st one is nt that Convincing, its that if you look at what natasha was wearing in infinity war and what Florence Pugh's character was wearing, they're both wearing the same costume,so she wearing it to remember her, the 2nd reason is that in Endgame Natasha told Steve that the Avengers were her only family but now we know she had another family, so why did she say that, my theory is because they died
Sadiq Ameen
Sadiq Ameen Månad sedan
I won’t be surprised if marvel releases black widow online.
mustard roshi
mustard roshi Månad sedan
Macedonian assassin! 👏👏
SK directions
SK directions Månad sedan
Seems like they are playing PubG in real 🤣🤣🤣
vanavil udhayam
vanavil udhayam Månad sedan
We want Tamil language black widow movie and one like please
Pranay Sings
Pranay Sings Månad sedan
Wondering if they are gonna release every scene on trailers 😅 cause we really got too much of them
snight01 Månad sedan
GAMING FIRE 20s Månad sedan
Movie release nahi Hui pehla cilp aana Chalo ho ge
Tingo Bingo
Tingo Bingo Månad sedan
Marvel should release full movie like this in the form of clips 😁
Johnny Månad sedan
Alexander Linnerud
Alexander Linnerud 24 dagar sedan
Hon pratar svenska
Fuze Death
Fuze Death Månad sedan
Now we have enough clips from trailers to make out the whole movie
Piyush Sharma
Piyush Sharma Månad sedan
I think MARVEL accidentally posted the whole movie in the form of trailers and teasers.
Thoristhebest1 Månad sedan
I am so happy this is finally coming out
Ari J
Ari J Månad sedan
Only reason I might consider seeing this is to figure out how this fits into the whole franchise beyond being “filler”... but then again I could just watch a SEmost review video on it
Shoaib Ahmed Khan
Shoaib Ahmed Khan Månad sedan
The only thing left now to be released is the end credits and post-credits scene
KAI PHAN Månad sedan
I've seen so many trailers on Black Widow that it feels like I've seen the entire movie already
diabuns Fadera
diabuns Fadera Månad sedan
if you piece every trailer on the exact timeline you'll have the whole movie just by watching these clips and trailers
Affan Gamer
Affan Gamer Månad sedan
I thought she died in end game pls someone explain me
Affan Gamer
Affan Gamer Månad sedan
@uncanny dcmarvelous so u r telling me movie which should have been released after civil war is releasing after she is dead noice
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Månad sedan
This movie is set after Civil War and before Infinity War, a prequel.
Pranto Hamim
Pranto Hamim Månad sedan
Put the trailer of spider man nwh
Andrej Stamevski
Andrej Stamevski Månad sedan
"Они се на покривот" - Cringe 0:42
Necrometalfist Månad sedan
🙄 Cool, apparently there are black Russian assassins now, lol because "representation".
Geek Cast
Geek Cast Månad sedan
I’ll save my money for Dr Strange 2
Mox Månad sedan
Spoiler. She dies!!!
luke ketchum
luke ketchum Månad sedan
I can smell the espionage of this movie!
TheХасочка Månad sedan
RUSSIAN Nat and Yelena😍
Wes Johnson
Wes Johnson Månad sedan
Jesus loves you 🌸😚🌸
MohanaPandian R
MohanaPandian R Månad sedan
Loki eat Scarlett market
Kayla Parsons
Kayla Parsons Månad sedan
Wooo! GO BLACK WIDOW!!! I am SOO looking forward to seeing this!!!! WOO!
Diksha Kharb
Diksha Kharb Månad sedan
Next thing we know the whole movie is available on you tube in short clips
Soumya Shah
Soumya Shah Månad sedan
the assassin fell in the pond right ?
Seshadri Raman
Seshadri Raman Månad sedan
We want LOKI series tamil dubbing
ChubbyGunner Månad sedan
Hey, Marvel... Drop the movie :)
amazo88 Månad sedan
too late. this movie should have come out before avengers. if this was dc movie, people would say "rushing".
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Månad sedan
Back then, they couldn't because of Ike Perlmutter.
Tanisha Tanzum
Tanisha Tanzum Månad sedan
Can't wait anymore
Jay MCC Månad sedan
Can't wait
José Antonio Silva
José Antonio Silva Månad sedan
Singing Månad sedan
If we sequence all these trailers we already have the whole movie.
Jupiter King
Jupiter King Månad sedan
Enemy 1: They are going east! Enemy 2: Ok, i'll drop my gun and chase them so i can die in a very stupid way. Enemy 1:..............................................
McKenna Delaney Stanek
McKenna Delaney Stanek Månad sedan
i love how even when she is trying to kill her she still helps her and when she let go she looks sad :(
Faraz Danish
Faraz Danish Månad sedan
I think the plot takes place between civil war and infinity war🤔
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Månad sedan
That was confirmed long time ago.
Wayne Borean
Wayne Borean Månad sedan
I’ve been waiting so long. A Black Widow movie should have been part of Phase 2.
Adritul Official
Adritul Official Månad sedan
No more spoiler plz
Antony Dass
Antony Dass Månad sedan
Vera level 😘
DanielSamuvel Official
DanielSamuvel Official Månad sedan
Vera Level
Elsetocarbono Månad sedan
If it ain’t cosmic it ain’t worth it
Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus Månad sedan
RatCatcherCentral Månad sedan
The score in this scene sounds much better than it did in the first clip they released.
Im so confused. Has the movie already been released? I forgot about this movie due to Covid-19.
@Thoristhebest1 thanks mate
Thoristhebest1 Månad sedan
It releases in theater and on Disney Plus on July 9
That Wicked Witch
That Wicked Witch Månad sedan
This scene was awful. Why would that widow just chase them if the goal is to kill them? Just shoot them like the rest of them were. Everyone in the comments saying aw Nat tried to save her really must not know the disservice this scene did for the actual comic character. What made Black Widow such an effective assassin was that she could turn her emotions off like a switch. This is not Black Widow and it never really was, but no one noticed because she was a second rate character in the films with awful action scenes that if you just speed up look somewhat passable. They even took the serum away from her lmao.
Taiwo Orekoya
Taiwo Orekoya Månad sedan
We’ve basically seen the whole movie at this point
Mitchell Real
Mitchell Real Månad sedan
Great! Be ready for the FAKEABABY fake ultrasound prank then, LMAO!
MANI M.J Månad sedan
ZEROH to HERO Månad sedan
There being mind controlled with LSD! I'm actually surprised Nat was trying to save a widow agent, which could lead to taskmaster actually being mind controlled too.
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