Gugu Mbatha-Raw is Judge Renslayer | Marvel Studios’ Loki | Disney+

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She means business. Gugu Mbatha-Raw is Judge Renslayer in Marvel Studios' “Loki.” Stream new episodes of the Original Series every Wednesday on Disney+.

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smili dreitausend
smili dreitausend 20 dagar sedan
She is a great Actress just like the other Cast Members
Colby Sullivan
Colby Sullivan 21 dag sedan
We love you Gugu!
Senzo Benedict
Senzo Benedict Månad sedan
My fellow South African
K.P. Månad sedan
I hate Ravonna after watching ep.4 😓
OCM Rick
OCM Rick Månad sedan
She's doing great work, and is very well cast. Having said that, I think it's now safe to say that the btch Renslayer needs to get got!
kevmfish Månad sedan
Sabahk999 Månad sedan
Oml i can't belong im already obsessed with marvels new villian
i love ur mom
i love ur mom Månad sedan
I like her character
Dragon of the west
Dragon of the west Månad sedan
I bet she's a villain.
Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.
Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr. Månad sedan
In Loving Memory Of Stan Lee (12/28/1922-11/12/2018)
szewei1985 Månad sedan
Haha cute. She definitely established Marvel alumni already just like Katheryn Hahn as the opposite of Scarlett Witch.
SALMA HAYEK Månad sedan
I always confused her for Nathalie Emmanuel from Game of Thrones 🤣
Enabi Seira
Enabi Seira Månad sedan
0:50 she is so cute! Same Gugu, I feel the same
Kaming# Gaming
Kaming# Gaming Månad sedan
Loki movie send Karo Hindi me
TheDarkCreed86 Månad sedan
Kang's other half
TheDarkCreed86 Månad sedan
@SALMA HAYEK In the comics it is Kang who tries hard to woo her. She falls for him in the end. Now she here in the MCU and Kang will turn up in Antman 3 😁
SALMA HAYEK Månad sedan
Johnny Cates
Johnny Cates Månad sedan
I think she's actually the true villain. The way her scenes are being shown.
Arina Evdochimenco
Arina Evdochimenco Månad sedan
"How do you plead?" "Guilty, of finding out about this amazing actress only now, yes"
Ashish Arora
Ashish Arora 20 dagar sedan
She does perfom terrifically great.
Melkofficial Månad sedan
Glorious Purpose
Georgi Ganchev
Georgi Ganchev Månad sedan
Why does her name sound like a drunk baby Minion's first words?
a a
a a Månad sedan
Could we see Kang or at least a reference to Kang in this?
sanjay gr
sanjay gr Månad sedan
Despite being so powerful character I know she is only gonna last in the Loki series. Why Marvel gives these amazing (black) actresses only the basic side roles? So they don’t have to cast them again in a lead or something. Wunmi Mosaku though 😢
Lucas Gonçalves
Lucas Gonçalves Månad sedan
Like in the earth mightiest heroes ravonna is black.
Gentleman Murk
Gentleman Murk Månad sedan
Blackwashing sucks
James New
James New Månad sedan
Who remembers her from dr who
Lorenzo Cavalli
Lorenzo Cavalli Månad sedan
Really talented (and immensely gorgeous) actress. Let's hope she won't end up as an one shot/season villain.
Gentleman Murk
Gentleman Murk Månad sedan
But her skin is too dark to play Ravonna
bashenga the black manta
bashenga the black manta Månad sedan
00:00 to 00:09 the way it plays here it reminded me of zod trial from man of steel
Cocogoat Månad sedan
Gugu Mbatha-Raw sounds like a GIGACHAD ngl
I like the chemistry owen and her have on the show
mathan kumar
mathan kumar Månad sedan
How many days Tamil dubbed?
Black Geeks of DragonCon
Black Geeks of DragonCon Månad sedan
Can't wait to see more of her.
curtyct {ct
curtyct {ct Månad sedan
She's got such a rad name I just love saying it it's rare a name gets stuck in your head
Chocolate ThunderBear
Chocolate ThunderBear Månad sedan
Why didn't they have her use her regular voice?
gravityhammer25 Månad sedan
She is so beautiful... I paused the episode because I had to know who she was
For XYA Boys
For XYA Boys Månad sedan
I know her from Black Mirror. Was a good actress in episode "San Junipero."
My-T 1
My-T 1 Månad sedan
How fitting of the times, nothing says 2021 like 50 minutes of White Men being emasculated Women of Color.
Sean Coetzee
Sean Coetzee Månad sedan
Thequartering? Is that you? "Notmy straight white males and fragile masculinity being attacked oh no" Anyways..
LGCR Månad sedan
Main villain of the show
Vcs Månad sedan
Will there be loki season 2?
Prosper'Ottor43 Ottor
Prosper'Ottor43 Ottor Månad sedan
Bhuvanesh s.k
Bhuvanesh s.k Månad sedan
TVA fcked MCU infinity saga
YANNI GAMING Månad sedan
Kang is comming
Nanaue Nom Nom
Nanaue Nom Nom Månad sedan
She is also Kang the Conqueror's girlfriend.
Anni Lestrange
Anni Lestrange Månad sedan
Never thought I would see plumette in the mcu but here we are😂😂🥰
Classic Hits
Classic Hits Månad sedan
shadow ranger
shadow ranger Månad sedan
Tamil dubbed release pls
Karl Ghossein
Karl Ghossein Månad sedan
owen: im always looking up to you thats appropriate.
Surya Prakash
Surya Prakash Månad sedan
You're so cute❤️👍
Loki Laufeyson
Loki Laufeyson Månad sedan
And one more fact she's the love interest of Kang The Conquerer (in comics)
Sujeesh Suji
Sujeesh Suji Månad sedan
I'm excited to watch the show myself. 🤩😍😍
Nate Foltz
Nate Foltz Månad sedan
This is how you do a good female character without shoving it down out throats
n k
n k Månad sedan
Can you please start uploading in 4K? It's 2021.
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson Månad sedan
Dang Mobius can't keep his trophies?
wankywithachance Månad sedan
A true gift to us lesbians.
rod axel
rod axel Månad sedan
San Junipero Black Mirror. That's where I remember her.
qwerttzizzi Månad sedan
she is a villain
Mid Knight
Mid Knight Månad sedan
The Avengers Fanatic
The Avengers Fanatic Månad sedan
ThePowerBunny Månad sedan
Gugu's american accent is so good!! She's so beautiful
MJ Månad sedan
Who else liked her character?
Gentleman Murk
Gentleman Murk Månad sedan
Her character is supposed to be white
Ham Dinger
Ham Dinger Månad sedan
Loki has been emasculated. :(
Solarcry Månad sedan
you're so cringe. Loki was never masculine in these films.
IAMAMAZING153 Månad sedan
Isn't his father Farbauti? Laufey is his Mother, unless I'm confused.
IAMAMAZING153 Månad sedan
@Proxima Shining So true. Literally, all I know about them is that they were both Jotunn/Jotnar. Past that, nothing.
Proxima Shining
Proxima Shining Månad sedan
@IAMAMAZING153 I think in the mythology Loki is also referred to mainly as Laufeyson. No one knows for sure why he's referred to by a matronymic instead of a patronymic. Perhaps his mother was a more powerful and influential person than his father? Sadly, not enough information was preserved on either of Loki's parents.
IAMAMAZING153 Månad sedan
@Proxima Shining Yeah, I just noticed she calls him Loki Laufeyson. I just got an interest in Norse mythology recently and thought technically his name should be Loki Farbautison. Thanks for the info tho
Proxima Shining
Proxima Shining Månad sedan
In the mythology Farbauti is Loki's father and Laufey his mother. But the comics creators switched up the names of his parents, so in the comics Laufey is his father and Farbauti his mother. No idea why they did it but it stuck. In the MCU Farbauti wasn't mentioned so far, only Laufey as Loki's father.
TerryMcGinnis Månad sedan
Isn’t this Kang’s wife?!
Abraham Begashaw
Abraham Begashaw Månad sedan
Marvel is BACK baby let's goooo
SimpleNeeds Månad sedan
Yeah... Nobodyyyy literally nobody can dictate how the god of mischief's story ends. Chaos doesn't have a direction
Rana Keyur
Rana Keyur Månad sedan
Has the TVA already captured Gamora or not???🤔🤔🤔
Proxima Shining
Proxima Shining Månad sedan
If she's a Variant, then they should have no trouble arresting her. They had no trouble with Loki either. Perhaps she's been already processed and sentenced to a reset (=killed). But it is also possible that her traveling with Thanos from 2014 to 2023 was actually meant to happen, that it was part of her fate as it is dictated by the Time Keepers. In which case she's not a Variant because she's continuing to walk the path the Time Keepers dictated for her, and TVA isn't going to arrest her.
Suman Das
Suman Das Månad sedan
omgwtfrofltomato Månad sedan
oh shes charming
Wayne Borean
Wayne Borean Månad sedan
And Gugu is awesome! I love the actor. We haven’t seen enough of her yet!
Wayne Borean
Wayne Borean Månad sedan
@Gentleman Murk No.
Gentleman Murk
Gentleman Murk Månad sedan
@Wayne Borean do you care that starfire has dark brown skin in the titans show?
Wayne Borean
Wayne Borean Månad sedan
@Gentleman Murk And Nick Fury doesn’t look like the Sixties comic book Nick Fury either. Who cares? The actress is doing a great job in the role in my opinion. She’s so far carrying it off with panache. I like that.
Gentleman Murk
Gentleman Murk Månad sedan
Gugu looks nothing like the comic version of Ravonna
Gian C.
Gian C. Månad sedan
Gugu and Wunmi are great additions to the MCU. 🤩 I really hope to see them in other future projects.
Mark Ippolito
Mark Ippolito Månad sedan
Gugu was horrible.... this show is weaker than I thought it would be
Solarcry Månad sedan
you're the kind of person who's just looking to hate on anything past endgame. How can you say the show is weak when only ONE episode has aired.
Le Pop Collectibles
Le Pop Collectibles Månad sedan
Can't wait to see Gugu again in Episode 2. Love this show.
Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo
Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo Månad sedan
*Glorious purposes* this single word is enough
Osvaldo Vargas
Osvaldo Vargas Månad sedan
Another red head down
uncanny dcmarvelous
uncanny dcmarvelous Månad sedan
Not the first time though, in the Avengers EMH cartoon, Ravonna was also african american and nobody said anything about it.
Rachel Richter
Rachel Richter Månad sedan
Just another Loki stan
Just another Loki stan Månad sedan
I love Gugu, she's honestly the best❤️
Salman Mahad
Salman Mahad Månad sedan
Reminds me of the time beuro in legends of tomorrow 😂😂
G Studios
G Studios Månad sedan
Something tells me that she is not the person who I really think..
Antwain Bell
Antwain Bell Månad sedan
I love this show already
Unstable_User Månad sedan
Wanna bet female Loki is gonna turn out good and she is gonna be the real villain?
Julius Kim
Julius Kim Månad sedan
Is it just me, or do this TVA sound real meta? There were warring multiverses (continuity errors) and then the Time Keepers (the writers) created the sacred timeline (canon) and pruned away and multiverses (basically retcons, crisis,etc.) And Loki (a fictional character) realizes that his role is just to help Avengers.
Sean Coetzee
Sean Coetzee Månad sedan
The TVA is up to something. Something does feel off about them...
Nothing Månad sedan
Hehe 😁
karter in
karter in Månad sedan
Tamil la vidungada
Cynical Person
Cynical Person Månad sedan
I first knew of Gugu from the film 'Belle' and I'm excited to see the rest of her performance in Loki.
Tobias Kuhn
Tobias Kuhn Månad sedan
I think she will be the one who kicks the whole Kang the conqueror thing in gears
Leo Paiva
Leo Paiva Månad sedan
The best Marvel series so far, i'm in love with everything in loki.
hichaelmartline Månad sedan
Interesting little insight into Kang's lover
Krish_1908 Månad sedan
Nono Dlamini
Nono Dlamini Månad sedan
So happy for her!
Muhammad Sohaib
Muhammad Sohaib Månad sedan
I think Judge Renslayer is the main antagonist. and she is working for Kang. when she says, "there's a lot of betrayal." , the camera pan on her but when she say, "mischief". The camera move to Loki.
Raj Balraj
Raj Balraj Månad sedan
Look series tamil please
AnEThing Månad sedan
Fans discussing the theories Marvel: It is adorable, that you think you possibly know what's going on in the show
Ceará Yuè
Ceará Yuè Månad sedan
Marvel: "Haven't you learned your lesson after WandaVision?!"
Master E
Master E Månad sedan
Honestly, I find it something amazing with Marvel, that they not only get the Fans loving the universe and wanting to watch it.... But also the actors and actresses.... Like look at Tom, he was one who made most the calls on anything related to the character of Loki in this series, and Gugu said in this how she's looking forward to watch it... I just find that amazing honestly haha
Ghost1out Månad sedan
TVA are just angry NPC that got bullied and killed for no reason...
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar Månad sedan
please tamil dudded release
CBI : Comment Bureau of Internet
CBI : Comment Bureau of Internet Månad sedan
Help Me To Reach 3.2K Sbs Without Video
Help Me To Reach 3.2K Sbs Without Video Månad sedan
*Dear people that' reading this, we don't know each other but I wish you all the best in life don't ever blam yourself, accept things and a key for happy life....* Love From Small SEmostr
Help Me To Reach 3.2K Sbs Without Video
Help Me To Reach 3.2K Sbs Without Video Månad sedan
*Dear people that' reading this, we don't know each other but I wish you all the best in life don't ever blam yourself, accept things and a key for happy life....* Love From Small SEmostr
EarlGray007 Månad sedan
Are you not entertained!?
RepeatedAxe Månad sedan
I don't know I keep thinking if she's the same woman from the airplane scene
Proxima Shining
Proxima Shining Månad sedan
Different actress for sure.
Jagan Raj
Jagan Raj Månad sedan
She is Kang's girlfriend.
Vanesa rochelly Gutierrez castillo
Vanesa rochelly Gutierrez castillo Månad sedan
Antony Sekar
Antony Sekar Månad sedan
We want loki series in tamil dubbed please marvel please 🙏 🙏 🙏
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