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Better have some good skins, and movie skins voor each character
Adri 15 timmar sedan
June 2021 anyone?
WhatsappVideos 15 timmar sedan
scarlet is too old to be casted as someone's daughter. this is beyond stupid.
Si HMY 15 timmar sedan
So now you can make your team members do things while you're playing as someone else... Cool
KriegerLuka 15 timmar sedan
who was chris talking to?
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Rahul Nayak 15 timmar sedan
PLZZ more loki series making
Rahul Nayak
Rahul Nayak 15 timmar sedan
Loki bast of all series and movies
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May be Dognose
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is this how the Red Room tortures people, because its working
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Kpop Fan 15 timmar sedan
How do I watch Loki when I don't have Disney Plus!??? And I can't have it either cuz it's not available in my country Marvel why!!! Why couldn't this be available on Netflix 😭😭😭😭😭
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Can you give me iPhone XS max
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Florence's smile is beautiful
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Did Loki Kill JFK Tho?
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Wow rachel weisz is in this
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This editing gave Owen a stutter.
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“An overgrown kid who pretends to be other people for a living” is the perfect way to describe actors 😂
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We have guided and helped them progress" "We have never interfered" ~ AMERICAN TROOPS
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make spiderman 4 for 2022🙏🙏🙏
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Did they film all of these in a day? Like I guess its easier, but I would have preferred if they filmed one a week or something.
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s Sina8or 15 timmar sedan
That Smile🤪
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Excited to see Sam Wilson’s Captain America in movies, but I hope they fix that costume. The headgear looks pretty stupid IRL.
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If those were Joker and Harley Quinn, he'd be so dead. How lucky that he is in this universe.
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Wanda: yes...YES!!!
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This attention to detail is why the MCU is always one step ahead of everyone else. The writing/directing on FWS unfortunately wasn’t their best work, maybe because of quarantine lockdowns, but the effects were definitely amazing. Nice work team.
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Hey guys dad joke are not supposed to be funny, it need to be horrible🤣
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Loki release in telugu when
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Atul Chaudhary 16 timmar sedan
Still waiting for a glimpse of loki's true powers. After all loki claims a God title and seems to be the weakest magical characters of Marvel. Loki is about 1500 years old and Dr. Strange's newbie and Dr. Strange fought better than Loki with Thanos. How can a human possessed by lady loki beats Loki. Loki literally fought Thor hand to hand in Avengers.🤔🤔
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This feel so forced. The characters looked like they are trying to convince you to have a three way with them
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19:03 “No, that’s never gonna happen. They are from a different studio...”
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Tom: I’m just a grown up kid who pretends to be other people for a living Me: DoEsN’T LoKi dO tHaT tOo?!
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Transition Jung kim => Shang chi
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0:24 That was brilliant. Awww if we all just solved our problems that way Hydra would never stand a chance.
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Reza Firmansyah 16 timmar sedan
Scarlet looks like trying her hard to not laugh, yet she almost fail in 0:57.
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low key !!
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Scarlet: I'm glad I don't have to deal with this anymore
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Just sit back and let the cringe happen
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Primate was a good one tho good 👍👍
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I never realized that joker was Loki all this time
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The Game looks really good so far
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cut clips nut flips 17 timmar sedan
Is it 40 minutes show or 23 minutes?
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Where the hell this TVA Guyzz gone when the thanoas snaps away the world....😂
AhmadPurwandi 17 timmar sedan
is Scarjo in sadge mode?
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Andrew Vega 17 timmar sedan
Are we finna talk about how that assassin is actually still alive? (Very ending of the clips she moves her arms)
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I think is see "Grunkle Stan" 🤔
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Where's the rage mob, they only have whites in this video.
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Crysis Dublaj
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Loki series dubbed in tamil
Saad Mohammed
Saad Mohammed 17 timmar sedan
Throughout the marvel universe black widows origin story has always been hinted to be with Hawkeye and something to do with Budapest, although we don’t see that in the trailer. I wonder if there are going to be more sequels after this as part of her origin story.
Raka Ananda
Raka Ananda 17 timmar sedan
6:39 that frame drop tho..
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Baltar Gilbert L. 17 timmar sedan
June 21 2021 Those 697 who'd 👎 Aholes
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So sick and tired of the same theme, that us poor frail earthlings have to receive divine instruction from a small group of super powered intellects, ... we have watched... we have helped them progress... where's my vomit bucket...
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I'll believe it, when I see it.
Ferdi Emvirra
Ferdi Emvirra 18 timmar sedan
even the time branch, all supposed to be happen i think. back when loki last quotes before Thanos kill him, "we (asgardian) will rise again" and later Thor would be like : loki, you're alive!. i saw your death :'/ but, he never know that he went to Sakaar and meet GrandMaster, lol
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Yo what up Marvel Entertainment and Black Widow.
Yianni Mitropoulos
Yianni Mitropoulos 18 timmar sedan
Great movie, but I wasn't that blown away by the trailer. Best trailer of all time is probably the original Matrix Reloaded trailer.
Nazmul Hossain
Nazmul Hossain 18 timmar sedan
These expressions are gold meme material btw
L C 18 timmar sedan
I used to randomly draw 100's of rows of new characters as a kid at my grandad's, never could I have imagined something like this.
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Scarlett 's face is made for Hot shots
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*Still gives me goosebumps*
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