Dayve 14 timmar sedan
Now i am really feeling his death HE REALLY STOOD FOR SOMETHING
Patrick Rüegsegger
Patrick Rüegsegger 14 timmar sedan
The first shot.. is that if the Avengers fought Thanos united? Since it's Iron Man Mark 50 that's there
Lucas Espinosa
Lucas Espinosa 14 timmar sedan
MARVEL is great
GamePoy 14 timmar sedan
I want more simple What If's. Like, what if the Sarkovia Accords never took place? Or what if Tony just died instead of escaping the Ten Rings? Or what if Ultron DID become the ideal "suit of armor around the world"?
Steam 14 timmar sedan
I feel like either you hate Marvel and are using this chance to destroy its future in the gaming arena? or you really learned nothing from Marvel's Avengers? Literally all the same gripes about why your failed Marvel's Avengers failed are included in this new game. You would have to be defective to not see that, so I choose option1. Hope Disney learns your ploys sooner than later or the future for Marvel games is gonna be bleak if non existent.
cody the lego master
cody the lego master 14 timmar sedan
Loki what did you do
Sayam Ganguly
Sayam Ganguly 14 timmar sedan
I am expecting a tiny Doctor Strange cameo
Will 14 timmar sedan
Not exciting at all
Ninja Tyler Black
Ninja Tyler Black 14 timmar sedan
I was expecting gameplay footage
nyc’sbitch 14 timmar sedan
This trailer is so good.
Steam 15 timmar sedan
You need to stop letting the worst possible devs create your games. Only playing as StarLord in a game that mentions the teams name in the title is an odd choice. Did I miss something? is this game StarLord and the Guardians of the Galaxy? I would say this game is gonna be worse than Marvel's Avengers but because its just a reskin I would say this is gonna be just as horrible. Congrats guys!! Cheers!
Sentios 15 timmar sedan
Where is Wrecker? Is he safe? Is he alright?
LFN Gaming
LFN Gaming 15 timmar sedan
Ahh yes it’s streaming the day after my birthday like a 1 day late birthday present am glad it’s august 11 but would have been better if august 10 but still it makes me Happy
42 Productions
42 Productions 15 timmar sedan
Thanks SEmost Recommended For Showing Me This! Definitely Gonna Watch This When It Comes Out! :)
Meegee 15 timmar sedan
why does drax sound like...well, not drax
raineman 15 timmar sedan
Yo Marvel! Y'all want to make some money on a STRONG female hero. Firestar
Wyatt Bansak
Wyatt Bansak 15 timmar sedan
What if marvel actually did something good with the hulk?
Walley 15 timmar sedan
it must be just me but... every time i hear "what if" i think "if's and buts where candies and nuts we would all have a wonderful xmas! (meaning, who cares about if's? i am more into what is)
GeneralCrusaderBoi 15 timmar sedan
"Next up, Deadpool looks up himself in rule 34, and ends all of existence"
Mohammad Adnan
Mohammad Adnan 15 timmar sedan
Yo what up Marvel Entertainment.
sna 24k
sna 24k 15 timmar sedan
What if thanos just went home instead
Omar Maximiliano Santana Delgado
Omar Maximiliano Santana Delgado 15 timmar sedan
what if bucky barnes was the second captain america
Doug Landrum
Doug Landrum 15 timmar sedan
What if Marvel wasn’t woke and determined to undermine and antagonize?
Eric Williams
Eric Williams 15 timmar sedan
Great cause I'm only one episode away from finishing the Loki
outgoing hyper
outgoing hyper 15 timmar sedan
Haha remember when we thought this was gonna be the “big battle”
jotham walugembe
jotham walugembe 15 timmar sedan
I have a question?.........where's the Spiderman trailer.
Brayan Leone de Jesus
Brayan Leone de Jesus 15 timmar sedan
God bless you all
Brayan Leone de Jesus
Brayan Leone de Jesus 15 timmar sedan
Jesus Christ loves everyone very much
Brayan Leone de Jesus
Brayan Leone de Jesus 15 timmar sedan
Sleep well it's with God you're your family
Cameran Johnson
Cameran Johnson 15 timmar sedan
W Square Enix
Hans Velarde
Hans Velarde 15 timmar sedan
When you order online: This Trailer When it arrives home: The actual Movie
Brayan Leone de Jesus
Brayan Leone de Jesus 15 timmar sedan
May God enlighten you always
Brayan Leone de Jesus
Brayan Leone de Jesus 15 timmar sedan
may God protect you always
Brayan Leone de Jesus
Brayan Leone de Jesus 15 timmar sedan
May God bless you your life is your day is your channel
Brayan Leone de Jesus
Brayan Leone de Jesus 15 timmar sedan
May God bless you you are your family
Anthony Morales
Anthony Morales 15 timmar sedan
Jung got some moves 😳😳😳
Marmite4life 15 timmar sedan
Ummm… how about no.
Martyn McMurray
Martyn McMurray 15 timmar sedan
At about 0:23, slow the video down and enhance resolution. It could be an optical illusion due to how fast it's going, but I noticed that Peter's body appears more rounder. I don't think that's "Zombie Hunter Spider-Man" (and I hope not) and in a different scenario all together. I won't complain if we got another pudgy Spider-Man since we got an Iron Man with an eating disorder in Issue 34. To be honest, I'm getting tired of seeing six-packs everywhere.
David 15 timmar sedan
dafuq is this?
Mark Craft
Mark Craft 15 timmar sedan
You know what's really sad is that this Chadwick boseman final role, 3 last movies chadwick did before his death was da 5 blood, ma Rainey black bottom and what if
Keenan Shue
Keenan Shue 15 timmar sedan
I'm still hoping for a "what if the other half of the population got snapped" but I don't think we're going to get that
Kutloano Toti
Kutloano Toti 15 timmar sedan
Jaden + Spider-Man, it can't get any better
Anthony D
Anthony D 15 timmar sedan
I am a big fan of spider man miles Morales
David Aarón Artist
David Aarón Artist 15 timmar sedan
Para esto pagamos el Internet 😂☝️🙌
Maxson At The Fort
Maxson At The Fort 15 timmar sedan
They need to make an entire What If trailer just about zombies, I’m pretty sure that’s what everyone is mostly hyped for. 1. Zombies 2. Killmonger/Tony Stark 3. T’challa Starlord Least interested in. 1.Captain Britain 2. Asgard story Everything else teased is ok. In my opinion.
RedN0v4 15 timmar sedan
At the very end, when the Disney + logo shows up its preceeded by a red bolt of energy that traces it. A red that looks very Scarlet Witch in color...
Spooderman G14
Spooderman G14 15 timmar sedan
What if..? Iron man had made similar armor to Star lord nlg it would look cool
Kayla Barco
Kayla Barco 15 timmar sedan
wow! shang -chi used her ten rings just like her father. i'll meet her in movies
C-MC Official
C-MC Official 15 timmar sedan
her ? Shang-Chi is a man lol
Mrinal Dhami
Mrinal Dhami 15 timmar sedan
What if Odin had been a good father?
TheCoper COper
TheCoper COper 15 timmar sedan
I ask that every day. Like... what if Marvel had actual writers on their team isntead of charlatans. Imagine that...
OASIS 15 timmar sedan
Am I the only one that heard a little hint of the loki theme at 0:08
Pizza Facer
Pizza Facer 16 timmar sedan
0:10 hello welcome to times comments
xTorzo 16 timmar sedan
This Music ! 😵😵 Oh my Good
toddsmitts 16 timmar sedan
What if there were no COVID and we'd spent the last year and a half seeing one MCU film after another at the theatre?
Shafiq Abdullah
Shafiq Abdullah 16 timmar sedan
where the TVA
Jean 16 timmar sedan
did i just hear a full uncensored german swearword ? this show got my attention now
Himu Idiot
Himu Idiot 16 timmar sedan
What if i am in the marvel universe
CaBoyBlox 16 timmar sedan
Gaming Legend Pro
Gaming Legend Pro 16 timmar sedan
What If...? There was a Season 2?
LS3D 16 timmar sedan
I need this back ground music in my life!! What is it!?!? I've been searching for months now!!
Skittle 16 timmar sedan
I can’t wait to hear Tom Hiddleston’s mesmerizing voice again .😁😁
Biggus Dingus
Biggus Dingus 16 timmar sedan
Kinda exited about gamora with infinity stones, it could potentialy lead to fused souls or whatever happend in the comics
Realist Demon
Realist Demon 16 timmar sedan
So far, the only lines from Fury we have are “Well that ain’t ominous at all” and “Well that’s weird” And I don’t know why that’s funny to me.
Ryan Hunt
Ryan Hunt 16 timmar sedan
What happened to “th”???😂
sqnbv 16 timmar sedan
First one i think is what if civil war never hapend
Mr.knowbody real
Mr.knowbody real 16 timmar sedan
What if captain America had a riot shield
Holiday Bros
Holiday Bros 16 timmar sedan
what if agatha was the scarlet witch
INFINIX creation
INFINIX creation 16 timmar sedan
A film Hindi me kab ayega
Al ARAFAT 16 timmar sedan
Killmonger is an underated Character he deserve more love,,,, 🔥🤟
Misterio 399
Misterio 399 16 timmar sedan
Now people will begin to say this series is better than the other 3 and bla bla bla bla
Aavi Khan
Aavi Khan 16 timmar sedan
What If, Captain America holds Mjolnir in the very first place instead of Thor.
Heroic Art
Heroic Art 16 timmar sedan
Plz do what if killmonger became black panther and actually took over wakanda
Luca 16 timmar sedan
I will like too see waht if quicksilver never died
Мирас Төлеубек
Мирас Төлеубек 16 timmar sedan
Нехера не понял но оооочень интересно
ant3 16 timmar sedan
Oh wow. They got the Toonami promo voice guy for this one! Pretty neat!
Pirategamer Mobile
Pirategamer Mobile 16 timmar sedan
My Brian just died